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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Old year...

Hi Guys, new year is almost upon us!
Where has the year went? - It's time for a think...

You know, I used to get a bit stressed at the thought of a new year coming.
I used to worry about the things I said I'd do throughout the year and just didn't get around to, you know the kind of thing...lose a few pounds in weight, hold onto a few of the other kind of pounds and save for a rainy day...that kinda thing! lol

One thing being a Carer has taught me is to slow down a bit and just take a breath! The world still turns just the same while you catch your bearings a bit. Mainly it's taught me just to count my blessings a little and be thankful for making it through the last year safely in the first place! LOL

I guess, most people take that kind a thing for granted...good health, I mean!
While you are well and busy hustling and bustling about your life at such a great pace, you never need to give a second thought to such things. You can plan well into the future for work, holidays or pretty much anything you fancy and it's only when something happens to you or your loved ones that you really need to stop and think at all!

I think that's probably what I miss most. All the planning and looking forward to things, the certainty and order of it all. It sure was a lot easier when finance was the only issue to getting things done and we could both climb a mountain if we wanted to!
On the other hand, this slower pace of life has it's upside too! We have both learned how to adapt and find a way - there always is one - it's just finding it that's the tricky part! LOL

2010 hasn't been a bad year, well, not really!

We've had major trials and problems with doctors and meds and there's been lots of stress over that but other things have buoyed us up too!

** Coo's no worse and not nearly as bad as the dreadful 30 siezures a day all through 2007 - 8! Things are not brilliant by any means but they're a wee bit better than they were and that's a bonus in itself!

** With help, we made it all the way down to Getna and right through Looby & Stevens wedding! and what a brilliant day that was!

** I re-discovered lots of fun with crafts and hobbies from jam and fudge making to weaving and jewellery! Woo Hoo

** The garden was a bit of a refuge at times too - from peas and potatoes, to salad veg. and fruits - I had a ball, planting, growing, jamming and storing loads of goodies! it's goodbye 2010! I'm feeling happy and optomistic about the new year ahead.

I hope you're feeling happy too and...
'a' the best when it comes - Slainte Mhath!

Maz x

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Carers and Christmas shopping...

Hi Guys,
I guess most Carers have been in this situation at one time or another!
a) When can I fit in some time to get those last minute Christmas shopping done.

b)If he's got to go with will I distract him long enough to secretly get him a little gift too!

After the hustle and bustle and the real joy of Looby's wedding a few short weeks ago, we decided it'd be a bit of a low key event this Christmas.
Not that we ever go really overboard anyway, it's usually little thoughtful things we buy one another and anyway fundings usually tight too - when is it ever anything else where Carers are concerned :-o

Carers Allowance doesn't go far when it comes to buying little extras does it! Although it's amazing what little, inexpensive things you can find around town (if you get the chance that is!) and I suppose it helps that I make my own scarfs, jewellery, jams, soaps and lotions and potions too! lol

It's always nice to receive something personal don't you think?

I must admit as our kids are grown now, it's not such a frenetic hustle and struggle to get the 'must have' toy or designer clothing and I truely don't miss that struggle! lol but What I do however miss, is having little people around at Christmas time, all that wonder on their faces and sparkly eyes peeping out expectantly!

I guess that's why I'm so big on Community Christmas events and having fun and I guess too, that's why I don the pointy ears and elf suit each year and help out the big man in red!
It's real nice to share some fun with the little ones and spread some Christmas cheer along the way!

I'm going to chillout a bit, drink some hot chocolate and tomorrow I'll hit the shops but...let's worry about that later!
I hope you're not too stressed out in the Christmas rush - and if you're beginning to feel it...drink lashings of hot surely works for me! LOL

Maz x

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Brrrr Winter Snow...

Hi Guys, I think winter it now in full swing!

The garden has been white with frost for over two weeks and it's so dark in the mornings too and before you know it, it's back again by tea-time!
This moring, yet again, I had to scrape ice off the car and my hands ended up a nippy shade of pink - luckily they matched my jumper! LOL

It's official...the frosty weather front is here to hats are on, scarfs and mittens too, everytime I need to pop my nose outside the front door at all - any excuse to don a cute bobble hat! lol

I must admit though, I'm one of those people who love the snow! Everything looks so clean and pretty and you just want to run around leaving footprints everywhere...or is that just me!

So 1-2-3...
Roll on more snow - enough to make a decent sized snowman at least! LOL

One like this would be nice...

What's to like about winter anyway?

Big jumpers, woolly hats, loads of hot chocolate eating!Mmmm
Cosy socks, cheery smiles and rosey cheeks too!
Oh...and Christmas! just around the corner! Woo Hoo

Now where's my tree went?
I have a sneaky suspicion we'll be...decking the halls soon!

Coo had a good day yesterday, he unexpectedly picked up his guitar to join me in a song!
I play my harp most days for a wee while and sometimes he decides to join in too! so was an impromptu Christmas concert just for two and it was fun!

I'm feeling happy and a bit more rested today and I hope you're cozy and happy where you are too!

maz x

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Carer's Christmas song...

Hi Guys!

Well, it is that time of year yet again! LOL goes!

When you’re a Carer (sung to: Frosty the snowman!)

When you’re a Carer
You need to keep on top.
You’re a doctor, nurse and chemist too,
Everything seems left to you.

When you’re a Carer
Forget about your own life.
It’s second place, if you’ve got space,
muddled in with all the strife.

(Change tune!)
It’s thanks to other Carers
That we manage to stay sane.
It’s only other Carers who,
can understand the strain!

When you’re a Carer
Strength is needed too.
A helping hand and a smile or two
And the Carers sail on through!

My little Carer group sang this last week to entertain other Carers!

Sending some happy Christmassy thoughts your way!

maz x

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A winter wonderland wedding?

Hi Guys!

A winter wonderland? sure was!LOL

Everything went beautifully. The trip down from the coast to Gretna was lovely. There was crisp snow underfoot and sunshine overhead so I guess we had a break in the weather and God was smiling on us!

Here's our lovely Looby and her brand new handsome husband!

Another one at the famous...kissing gate!

Awwwwww they are a sweet wee couple!

Coo's new meds are beginning to help a little, thank God!
They seem to be giving him some energy and helping to keep him awake so that's a big improvement already! He managed to last all day on the journey and still dance his daughter at her wedding too!
Now that is a stunner!...usually he'd have been dead on his feet by then! LOL

I'm so glad, Coo was well and things went so smoothly, it was a really happy, smiley, family day!

It sure was a 'winter wonderland wedding' and we all had a perfect day!

maz x

Friday, 3 December 2010

Wonderful winter wedding...

...well I hope so!
It sure is dancing penguin weather! lol

Look at the local beach today...

Our travel plans are in chaos!
Some trains are running and the main route is open today so fingers crossed we get to Gretna tomorrow and on time too!

Fingers (and everything else) crossed too!

A bit of a flapping mother of the bride! lol
maz x

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Looby's wedding fast approaches...

Hi Guys,

Remember way back in January when I mentioned Looby's wedding? well, is almost upon us!

Where has the year gone!

I'm getting a bit excited now and just hope everything goes ok on the day!
The invitations didn't go out till later than usual for weddings as Steven (the groom!) was still out in Afghanistan right up until two weeks ago but thankfully he's home safe and sound and they've all been posted out now!

All the preparations that are going to be done have been done so fingers crossed we've remembered every thing and anything we've forgotten?...
Well it'll just have to stay forgotten now! LOL

I'm trying to keep a lid on things a bit for Coo as the last thing we need on top of the new meds is a big dose of stress so it's the softly softly touch with him and a smiley 'everything's fine Babe' response!

To keep things busy - I never do things by halfs...
It's winter week in the local Community Centre where I work so I'm kinda up to my eyes in it there too!

I will be busy with Santa in his grotto, dressed as an Elf in pointy ears and all! LOL It's usually jumping, over 150 children came last year to speak to the big man in red and get some chocolate!

This year 'Owl Magic' are coming...Woo Hoo or maybe that should be hoot hoot! LOL
I'm sure the wee ones will love getting their picture taken with the Harry potter snowy owl and his friends and best of all the mum's will love the fact it's all FREE!

I love hosting free community events as all children benefit, especially the little ones from families where there is little money to spread around on such things.
A present from Santa and your very own picture with a snowy owl can make such a difference - the smiley faces all around tell me that's true!
Spread some Christmas cheer and if it's done for FREE that's good enough for me!

Wish me luck, I have a feeling it's going to be a busy, busy, bumble bee week!

maz x

Thursday, 11 November 2010

The N.H.S. and the supported Carer...

Hi Guys - there's been a bit of movement on this!
The N.H.S. has come good and thankfully, I'm not so unsupported after all!

Turns out our GP was as hopping mad as we were!
He says, he didn't refused to prescibe the drug at all!
He asked the neuro on several occasions, to clarify who would do the monitoring as here the guidelines say, an E specialist is to monitor closely within the first 3 months.

Anyways, the long and the short of it is...the neuro has decided to relent and reinstate him back to his clinic! In the end I think even he's realised this whole situation was not handled well!

Our GP will now prescribe the drug as the ESN (Epilepsy specialist nurse) has agreed to the do the monitoring - which was all our doctor asked for in the first place!

Now couldn't they just have played nicely in the first place?

I'm just glad this resolved so quickly as from past experience, it's very stressful dealing with NHS issues - it kinda grinds you down. Thank God for the E nurse - she's the best and thank God too it's been sorted!

So...just like this wee kitten...
it's big smiles all around! LOL

Let's hope the new drug helps - even a little would be good!
maz x

Sunday, 7 November 2010

N.H.S.and the unsupported Carer...

Hi Guys, I think it really is hard hat and flak jacket time here.

Things have taken a tumble and the N.H.S. is to blame for all the stress I'm under at the minute!

A quick re-cap of the story so far...

Coo's Neuro is a real nice guy...usually!
We've never had any problems and felt sure we could trust him in giving Coo the best care possible and we've never had anything shake this belief and trust...until now that is!
In August, the neuro wanted to have Coo try out a new drug and we agreed as at this point, still with 10 - 15 seizures every day, we thought, almost anything was worth a try.
Anyways, we agreed but our GP and he's a good, caring and trusted, family doctor, did not want to prescribe the new drug as it needed to be closely monitored.
So...we've been waiting around for almost four months trying to sort out who would be responsible and who would prescribe this drug that may or may not help Coo!

Now hold onto your hat for this one...It's been decided...nobody will prescribe!
We've had a very curt 3 line letter saying as the GP won't prescribe this drug the neuro will no longer see Coo and he's been discharged from the Epilepsy clinic!
Now correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the health service there to support people with severe disablilties and their Carers? people just like Coo and I who are struggling daily to cope with major disabilty and health problems?
Well, I thought so too but it looks like, when you scratch the surface, things are not so cut and dried.

I'm hopping mad and fit to be tied!

I immediately contacted the neuro's secretary, who has only ever been a very nice, helpful person before, to raised my concerns.
I told her, I do not agree, Coo is well enough to be discharged from the care of a neurologist given the problems and difficulties living and coping with such a high level of seizures. I mean, it's only a few weeks ago the out of hours medical services here, contacted us to say Coo's latest blood test had registered overdose levels, was toxic and needed to be reduced immediately.
Now, does that sound stable to you? Me neither!

I only hope the Neuro decides bearing in mind, both Coo's health and my objections, to reverse his decision and continue to at least try and help Coo.

Neither of us ever want to be in the position we found ourselves three years ago. Coo hit a major crisis point, with thirty seizures a day, was not under the care of a Neuro and it took almost six months to access the system and get some help.

It's a time neither of us will ever forget and probably the darkest time we've ever had. We felt so powerless and bereft and hell will freeze over before we find ourselves left in so un-supported a postion again!

I've dug out my hard hat but I really hope this resolves before things turn ugly!

I hope you're experiencing a more settled time where you are!
maz x

Friday, 5 November 2010

Happy Guy Fawkes night...

Hi Guys! Well come on, have you got the sparklers out? lol

Happy Guy Fawkes night!

I must admit though, I'm a bit like this little pic, watching it all from the cozyness of inside!

Fireworks are really pretty aren't they!
They seem to bring out a smile! Even on the coldest bonfire night, there's usually plenty of rosey cheeks and smiley faces around.
I think they bring out the big kid in us all and that's not such a bad thing - just to forget your worries and have a bit of fun now and again! LOL

I hope you're enjoying some firework fun too and more importantly keeping warm with lots of hot chocolate! Mmmmm

Maz x

Sunday, 24 October 2010

On the Campaign trail again...

Hi guys remember last time I hit the campaign trail?
Check me out at the front with my tartan and hi-vis yellow fashion combo! LOL

We'll I've been at it again...

I really feel we all have to stand up and be counted sometimes and I hope the Local Authorities see sense and do so before the communities are destroyed!

maz x

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Hi guys! I've been putting off some much needed redecoration for quite some time and decided today was the day!

I really hate all the upheaval that comes along with even a little decorating job so that and the fact paint fumes make Coo ill means we wait as long as we can before using any paint in the house.
This time though the ceiling and woodwork really needed a touch up so off we went to buy paint.

I'm really please, I found a new low odour water based gloss with practically no nasty smell so I'm hoping Coo will cope ok this time! Anyways, he pitched in and helped paint too so a few hours later (well maybe more than a few!) and a little bit frazzled around the edges too we were all done! Woo Hoo!

I asked our son what he thought as he wandered through and he said..."well, it's much the same isn't it!" I said noooooo it's nice and clean, his repy...'Oh right' is there any more soup left - typical!

Sometimes I wonder why I bother but at least I know it's been painted and I'm quite please we got around to it - at last!

Now what to make over next?
I've still got loads of paint left! LOL

maz x

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Just keep 'harping' on...

Hi guys, anyone ever tried playing one of these?

I'm not really musical at all but I always wanted to learn to play an instument and liked the autoharp sound so I decided to give it a bash!
I looked all around, on Ebay too. I made up my mind and it took some time too as they're not cheap and I don't usually send that much on me! LOL
Anyway, in the end Coo decided we'd buy me one for my birthday and I've been tootling away ever since.
I love it!

As a Carer, I need to spend a lot of time at home when Coo's poorly so I've found (with a bit of trial and error!) lot's of things to do to keep me occupied and motivated.

From jewellery, soap, jam and even fudge making to sewing, knitting and weaving! believe me, in my quest to stay sane, while stuck in, I've tried 'em all and I admit, at times, with varying degrees of success! LOL

There are only so many hours Television can amuse you and then your brain seems to hurt or what's worse switch off all together...well, mine does anyway!

So when Coo's asleep it's the quieter pastimes and crafts and when he's not? It's harping time! LOL
I'm really please I've picked it up so quickly, I'm certainly no maestro but I'm not too terrible either! LOL
It probably helps that Coo is musical and I'm finding, sometimes while I'm playing, he'll reach for his guitar and join in too and that's when it's most fun!

so I'll bid you a 'happy harping' and a smiley cheerio for now!
maz x

Friday, 8 October 2010

Raggedy edged Carers...

Hi guys!
The dumpling tasted lovely!
Coo wasn't too keen but he's not really a 'cake' person so I wasn't offended - all the more for me! LOL

Being a Carer is never what you'd call easy. I think, sometimes it kinda feels like you just lurch from one crisis to another and this week has been one of those weeks!

It's been a bit of a struggle with Coo.
He's had lots of seizures this week so we're both feeling a bit raggedy around the edges! LOL

We're having some problems getting coo's new meds and that's added to the stress. It's turned into a bit of a saga...the Neurologist decided he'd like Coo to try another new drug and things seemed to be going along fine, well that was until our GP decided he didn't want to prescribe the drug! We're still sitting in limbo while they mull over who's responsible for prescribing and monitoring new drugs!

I can see why there's a bit of an issue, it is a new drug but it seems nobody wants to take any responsibility. Meanwhile Coo and I are waiting around and things aren't getting any better!

Hopefully, they will work it out sooner rather than later and then, we can at least try the drug in question and find out if indeed it'll help Coo.
What a medical mess - I hope they sort it out soon!

I suddenly remembered an old lady I used to visit who always said 'it's a great life if you don't weary' and she's right!'s hoping we all don't weary! LOL

maz x

Monday, 4 October 2010

Anyone for dumpling today?

Hi guys, I've always loved dumpling, especially in cold weather with my feet up (when I can!) and a...nice wee cup of tea! LOL

I would never have attempted to make it the old fashioned 'clootie' way my mum and granny did, all that mixing and boiling in a cloth!
With a troublesome shoulder, it would've been just too much stress with all the mixing involved! Anyways, my mum, gave me a microwave recipe for dumpling and it seems pretty easy so with my......mixing bowl at the ready...I'm giving it a bash right now!LOL

I'll let you know how it tastes once it's cooled enough to try. I must say it sure smells nice! LOL and here's a wee taster of how it should look! Mmmmm

Caring is never easy, I find my concentration is a bit impaired recently and I'm tired too. It's difficult to pin point if it's just the heavy load at the moment or if it's the general 'low' feeling a lot of people get as the colder weather begins to draw in.

Yet another afternoon spent amusing myself while Coo is poorly and asleep. I only wish he had the energy to join in a little.
Never mind though, the main thing is we're both ok and I remain hopeful better days are coming!

Hope you're ok where you are too!
maz x

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Wee luxury foods...

Hi Guys!
Carers are usually on pretty much of a tight budget and little luxuries are really treasured...well I know I do!
One of my passions is for really good quality jam and Coo usually buys me some on the odd occasion we make it out to a National Trust property or when we're on holiday!

So, I'm really pleased! even though I say so myself, about the recent jam making exploits! LOL
Here's what I've managed to 'cook up'so far...

There's loads of pots of nice foody things and among guessed it...JAM! lol
There's some:
* Bramble & Apple
* Rhubarb & Bramble
* Strawberry & Bramble
* Apple & Raspberry
* Rhubarb & Ginger
* Apple & Plum

Can you tell I love those black or even purple juice filled brambles?
They are by far my favourite fruit...
well for this month anyway! LOL

There's also some tasty chutney in there. Made using mostly things grown in the garden too, I'm not really a big chutney fan but I do like a little on a cheesy toasted sandwich and I found an easy recipe (online where else!)so I've given chutney making a whirl too!

In order to satisfy my sweet tooth, I just had to give both the chocolate and vanilla fudge a go and there's still a box of each in the photo but at the rate it's disappearing it won't last long! LOL

Lastly, there's one sad and solitary (although pretty decent sized!) jar of Beetroot and a big bottle of Spiced vinegar which I made and used to pot up the beets and add to the chutney.
I must admit, I was kinda disappointed with the beetroot this time - not the taste as it's sooo lovely, very sweet and with a hint of heat coming through from the spiced vinegar but all my beet plants were very small so I didn't get as much as I thought...what is it they say about not counting your chickens before they're hatched?
I think, the wet weather here this summer definately affected the beets - they were teeny weeny! Never mind though as I only got the one jar this time, I'm saving it for Christmas!

Both Coo and I are eating really well!
I've still got lots of apples, plums and blackberries on the door step and millions of sweet baby potatoes stored. There's some cabbage and even salad greens still hiding under the big leafy plants!

All in all, as pretty much a novice, it's been fun growing our own. I mentioned to my mum, I'd hardly bought any veggies or potatoes in over six months and still had quite a lot of things on the go, stored or pickled, jam-ed (is that even a word? lol) or just beet into submission! LOL

I must have saved a fortune already and the really cold weather is still a ways off so the growing season 'aint over...yet!

The free food is good but do you know what I've enjoyed most?
The garden has been a happy and productive diversion while I've been at home so much these last few months, especially when Coo's been really poorly.

I know lot's of Carers who need to be home a lot and it's always difficult! It's hard to keep focused and just keep going at times! It really has been great finding and sharing ways to keep occupied and sane but mostly it's been fun!

If you still haven't tried growing your own, give it a bash!
It's definately good for you and I think it's good for the soul too, although I doubt the fudge making (and eating) is much good for the waist-line! LOL

maz x

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Oh Fudge!

Hi guys, in my quest to keep myself busy while stuck at home caring, I came across this...

The fact that it's chocolatey, looks really good and seemed easy enough to make, was all the incentive I needed! lol

So, a happy hour was spent today fudge making...Yeah!
For those who want to bring a bit of fudge into their life, here's the link...

***Chocolate Fudge for Christmas***

One other thing, be warned!
It's very chocolatey and it's quite hard to resist too so it's not for the faint hearted! lol

Incidently, if like me you're thinking ahead to Christmas and like most Carers also trying to keep a bit of a hold on the pennies, there are loads of other cool ideas on Santas postbag

Happy hunting and have some fun making something, entertaining the wee ones or even yourself for that matter! LOL

maz x

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

In a soapy bubble...

Hi Guys, most of you will know, with Coo being so poorly, I've been stuck at home a lot lately and I suppose that's just typical of the usual Carer lifestyle eh?

Well, I've decided there's no time like the present to begin getting organised and I've got around to ordering my soap supplies and some new chrismassy moulds! LOL

I enjoy soap making, I find it kinda therapeutic.
It's also a pleasant and better still quiet pass-time while Coo's asleep and I'm so very much at home a good 'un! LOL

I've got some lovely gift bags, a load of tissue paper and some pretty gold labels so...
I'm going to make the wee soaps and pop 'em in as Christmas gifts.

Handmade is always nice to recieve isn't it!

Guess what?

***I think I'm gonna be...Soapy bubble busy! LOL

maz x

Monday, 13 September 2010

My Poem on Carer's ...

Hi Guys, I was trawling my P.C. hard-drive and came across some more of my poems so I decided to share...

‘The Carers Circle’

We care because we love.
We love because we care,
It’s as natural as breathing in freshest Air.
To love, hope and strive and continue to care.

This circle of caring, life, love and hope.
That’s what helps us continue and aids us to cope.
There’s another circle, it’s hopeless and bleak, a black hole.
It pulls down Carers, and so saddens their soul.

Some support is needed to help Carers through.
Please make sure they get it, it’s all up to you.
We can help with support and speak our mind.
For one day as Carers ourselves we may find.

By Maz

I honestly do feel, we Carers are living in a kind of circle at times.
I Wish we all had a huge circle of support too!

I hope you liked the poem!

Keep strong,
Maz x

Friday, 10 September 2010

Carers need me time too...

Hi Guys,
I'm just like most Carers and we all know, there are times when you're kinda stuck and can't get out much and that's increasingly been the case for me recently!
It's so important to find some me time too!

Coo is still poorly with lot's of seizures and he's very sleepy too so I've spent a lot of time at home over the last few weeks.
I've been keeping myself busy with this lot...

...making some jam! Mmmmmm!

I found a really easy recipe to make jam using my breadmaker and it worked out just fine - well actually it worked out pretty much better than's yummy! LOL

I guess it helped, I had some lovely ripe brambles and plenty rhubarb growing in the garden to begin with so in between checking on Coo, I spent a happy hour fruit gathering and eating! before I even started to cook! lol

I'm really a bit of a novice but I must admit...
I'm kinda pleased with the results!
The jam tastes wonderful!
It's now all bottled up with a cute label and of course a bow and it looks really pretty too!

When I was a Carer at first, I used to kinda resent the times I was 'stuck' at home with Coo but now, I seem to have found so many ways to pass the time while Coo's asleep, that it doesn't bother me so much.
Being a Carer is a different lifestyle, well it is for me!
It's a lifestyle full of contradictions, from the sporadic times of high drama and tension of hospitals, ambulances and emergency admissions to the other end of the spectrum with a much slower pace and lot's of quiet time spent at home. I've learned to adjust and realised it's ok to be different, it's also ok to say...hold on and...slow down once in a while too!

Regardless of how much seizure activity during the night, I used to panic if the house wasn't tidy and we weren't up and dressed by a certain time in the morning but then I realised if you don't sleep much during the night bacause you're on the Carer night's ok to sleep in a little and start you're day a bit later, the world still turns without your input! LOL

I guess people don't really understand and unless you've spent some time caring you'd never realise there are so many people out there all caring, coping and generally just getting on with things as best they can even if it is a bit of a slower pace!

I think my rat-race days are well and truly over and if truth be told I don't really miss them much!
Manybe I'm just getting old - perish the thought!

Keep strong and sane oh and if you can make some jam! LOL
maz x

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Carers keep going...

Hi guys, I wonder where our inner strength comes from?
We Carers just keep going don't we!
Come to think of it...I guess we don't really have much of a choice so maybe it's a Carer mind set!
What do you think?

I'm still trying to keep positive that things will improve, even a little bit and we'll catch a break but it's been real tough recently.

So how do I keep sane?

Well, I've developed ways to amuse myself while there's long periods of time enforced at home. From soap making to jewellery and crafts I kinda tootle with it! LOL
I've been trying my hand at loom weaving lately and it's pretty much relaxing!

I wee loom's not anything fancy, just a little frame one like this and some odd balls of wool but it's fun and yet another happy diversion when Coo's so poorly.

I'm still pottering in the garden - when our not so well behaved weather allows me! What a mixed-bag-kind-of-a-summer we've had this year...more rain soaked than sun soaked I'm afraid! lol

Never mind, September's supposed to be a bit better so maybe the sun will come out tomorrow although I'm not placing any bets! LOL

The main thing is we're both ok and I so hope you're doing ok where you are too!
Keep strong,

maz x

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Still struggling...

Hi Guys, the struggle continues I'm afraid.

I suppose that kinda sums it up for most Carers doesn't it.

Coo is still very poorly. Last night his seizures were every 15 - 20 minutes again and he's pretty beaten up - well, we both are really! His blood tests show his drug level is still up 'n' down on what we call the AED (anti epilepsy drug) see-saw so there's little sign of any improvement.

Luckily we have Looby to call on when I need a bit of a break and she's been brilliant moving things around to accomodate the current issues.
What a wee star!

New drugs are always a worry and I'm dreading futher problems with side effects as things are already pretty rocky for Coo as it is! I'm trying to be real calm, usually not a problem as nothing really fazes me...well not much anyway! LOL

So...I'm going to move onto more positive things!

Our weather here is as unpredictable as ever!
The sun has made another appearance after 12 days of rain! LOL

In fact it really has been brolly and wellies weather most of our summer this year! LOL Even our local church fete was washed out on Sunday - now how dare it rain on that - there's no justice is there! LOL

So as the sun co-operated and came back for a vist and Coo's seizure alarms were on, I did manage to sneak in the garden for a wee while! The veggies are still doing well - I guess the rain is good for something anyway, what is it they say? about clouds and silver linings! lol

Tonight, dinner will be baked potatoes and an assortment of fillings with some fresh side salad, drizzled with my favourite honey mustard dressing and best of all most of it came free of charge from the garden - cool or what!

I never thought I'd enjoy growing things so much...but I do!
It really is good for you and so is the fresh produce too! LOL

Let's hope for some sunnier times to come.
Take care,
maz x

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Hard hat and flak jacket time...

Well, it's yet again been a very difficult week. It's what I call hard hat and flak jacket time!

Carers never have it easy do they?

Coo is poorly and it's been a very worrying time. His seizures have yet again sky-rocketed off the planet for no real reason and it's been so very difficult to manage.

During the daytime he is awake in the afternoons, he's pretty good and he's my lovely Coo but then he tires and falls sleep, well, then it's bedlam - seizure city and very hard on us both.

He's nursing muscle and limb pain and his poor cheeks and tongue are bitten to shreds! I'm clinging fast to hope that tomorrow's blood results will shed some light on what is happening and maybe find a little improvement.

Please God, send a rainbow to cheer things...

One like this would be nice!

Wish us luck!

I hope things are on a more even keel where you are!

maz x

Monday, 9 August 2010

Highland Games...

Hi guys!

All-in-all it's been a bit of a tough week!
Coo's still struggling with his meds but I think, thankfully things are settling, well a bit anyway! LOL

At this time of year, we usually take our wee disabled club to the local island's highland games and guess what?
The sun came back this weekend just in time - woo hoo!
All those strong men in kilts and...sunny weather too - result!
What do you think...
There sure is a distinctive appeal isn't there!

Anyways, it wasn't just the handsome kiltie men, it really was a lovely timeout kind of a day. Everyone enjoyed themselves, from the boat ride across on the ferry to tea and cream cakes in the pavilion and some chips on the beach on the way back, it really was a lovely day!

It does you good to spend some time with others who are in a some what worse position than yourself, kinda helps keep things in perspective and the kindness of others really does your heart good too!

So, just like Wallace and Gromit...
We sure had a grand day out!

I sure hope you've got some sunny weather where you are and if you're lucky...maybe even a kiltie man too! LOL

Wishful thinking!
maz x

Friday, 30 July 2010

Back on the drug see-saw...

Hi guys, sadly, Coo's poorly again.
We're back o that up-and-down drug see-saw again.

Coo had his blood tests done yesterday and the first we knew of a problem was an emergency call from the NHS 24 service (out of hours doctors services).

It turns out Coo's blood drug level was in the toxic zone this time. The safe scale is 10 - 20 points and Coo was 26! It's been high before but not that high for a while.
Anyways, the emergency doctors advised he needed to reduce his dose straight away, so we did! Sadly the knock on effect is we're back in seizure city yet again and we're struggling.

I'm really greatful the doctors were so quick on the ball and phoned us right away rather than sending the results back to our own surgery as at least this way we've avoided further problems for Coo and probably another hospital admission too!

I'm clinging hard to hopes that things settle soon and hope things are easier where you are!

Take care and chin up!

maz x

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Edible gardening...

Hi guys, we had dinner from the garden again tonight and don't the potatoes look tasty!

They are red King Edwards and with some lovely butter, grated cheese and a fresh picked honey mustard salad they were sweet and tasted really great!

Come to think of it, with those rosey skins, they look a bit like apples don't they!

I never really thought about it before but I guess that's probably why the French call them apples from the ground! lol

At the minute there's the King Edwards and an assortment of salad potatoes on the go. The carrots and peas are still going strong too and there's loads of mixed salad leaves as well so at least we won't starve, well not this week anyway! lol

I can't wait! Next it'll be fruit! yeah bramble jam!
and... both Coo and I looooove beetroot so there's plenty for pickling!

A happy, contented and kinda stuffed to burst with potaotes and peas!
maz x

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Hi guys!
All together now...
The sun has got his hat on,
The sunshine's back and I got out to play! lol

I picked peas and carrots, mixed salad leaves and some lovely red potatoes (King Edwards!) it was heaven after the deluge of rain the last few days!

Looby arrived and had a giggle...
I didn't realise, but there I was out in the sunshine, picking pea pods, wearing a white gypsy skirt, a wee strappy top navy wellies to finish!
Well, the grass was still wet wasn't it! lol

I hope the sun sticks around for a while, it makes everything so much brighter and problems seem to fade into the background a little!

Fingers crossed and sunny thoughts,
maz x

Monday, 19 July 2010

Yet more Carer rainy days...

Hi Guys, it looks like good old Saint Swithin maybe right!

It's still raining here!
Talk about Stevie Wonders hotter than July...I don't remember a wetter July! lol

Coo's still poorly even though the latest batch of antibiotics are finished. We'll get the bloods done again on Wednesday.
I've been keeping myself busy with my Jewellery making and crafts and the poor old garden has had to take a back seat for the minute!
I did manage to get some lovely rhubarb on the go and some strawberries too (well who can resist)'s crumble all around! LOL

I hope things improve weather-wise as spending a happy hour out there isn't really's fun! LOL

Mean while...
The dogs are still munching away at my peas given half a chance - they don't mind the rain so they have kinda been beating me to it over the last few days!

I have found, carrots and onions taste so much better when they're pulled fresh from the garden! Who knew! lol
Only problem is at the minute, it takes longer to kit-up with all the wellies and waterproofs than it does to pick the veggies! LOL

Even in rainy weather there's always something of beauty to find isn't there!

Even so, I'm still holding onto hope for some sunshine, well, it is summer after all so it can't rain every day, can it?

maz x

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Oh no! not more rain...

Hi Guys and a Happy Saint Swithin's Day!
Isn't Swithin's window pretty!
It's all apples and raindrops!

Old traditional proverb...

St. Swithin's day if thou dost rain
For forty days it will remain
St. Swithin's day if thou be fair
For forty days 'twill rain nae mair.

Well, I guess that'll be more rain for us then!

Quick, just to be on the safe side, better dig out the brolly and wellies!

Ah Saint Swithin, no offence but I hope your weather forcast is wrong this time!

From a rather moist and wind-swept...
maz x