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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Other news...

Hi Guys, on the Garden front...well...
Everythings rosey!

Maybe I am a bit of a Charlie Dimmock after all! LOL
Just take a look-y-see...

My peas are now over a meter high!
They taste lovely and are pretty much addictive so it's just as well they're good for you! lol

I kinda plant seeds in almost anything...although I do stress it's my son who eats the noodles not me!

Those wee jackies of mine get everywhere!
If you look cosely you'll see them in the background and I didn't even notice them at the time, too busy snapping pics I guess!

It's Wimbledon time again!
so I'm sure glad I had some of these growing too, I mean, who can resist strawberries? LOL

I am enjoying growing my veggies this year and as a newbie I think I've done pretty well too - even if I didn't know exactly where I planted things or even what they were!
It's been fun finding out as they've all popped up!

Growing things is good for you - it's official!
It's given me a pleasant diversion and some happy time in the garden when Coo's been poorly - (a story for another day!)

If you haven't caught the grow-your-own bug, give it a go as it sure is fun!

A happy pea-munching Maz x

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