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Thursday, 28 May 2009

stormy times...

Hi guys!

Things have been a bit on the rough side this last week I'm afraid as Coo is poorly... yet again!

Looby's been nursing a cold for over 2 weeks and poor Coo has succumbed to the dreaded germs and being Coo, things have been pretty bleak!

It's seizure city again and to cap it all our G.P. gave him some pain killers which have not agreed with him! AAAAAArrggggg!
So, I've had to do my Nurse Nancy bit again! lol
The last 48 hours have consisted of alternating bouts of seizures and screaming matches - honestly I needed to dig deep for patience as round the clock seizures and mood swings are, well...just a tad wearing! lol

Thank goodness the dreaded pain relief - which we won't be using again, is now leaving his sytem slowly but surely - horray, thank the lord for that!

He still has a cough and a temperature but he's returning to his usual sunny self!

Poor Coo, any infection at all now seems to flip things right off the planet.

Thank goodness he's improving as on Monday we're getting ready to travelodge it in Blackpool!
I was beginning to think it'd need to be cancelled but surely God would not be that cruel to us - we so need a break!

I guess I'll be thankful for the improvement and say a wee prayer it continues!

Next week Blackpool has to have ice-cream eating weather as I've ordered it specially!
Wish us luck! lol

Now doesn't that look Fab?
I can almost taste it Mmmmmm! LOL

Sunny and settled times to you and yours,
maz x

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Parliament calls to Carers...

Hi guys!

You'll have noticed from the title I've had some more dealings with the parly!

Well, both Rob,(another Carer who really helped hugely, with the scottish end of the Poverty Protest) and myself have been invited to meet with MSP's in June.
I'm just glad they seem to be listening and hope something positive comes out of it!

Unfortunately, I've had to decline this time as it's in the same week I've booked for Coo and I to travelodge-it at Blackpool - typical!

While it would have been nice to hob-nob at the parly, it'll be even nicer still if the sun shines for Coo and I at Blackpool!

Speaking of sunshine, would you beleive it?
It hasn't rained here for 4 whole days...
Now that is a record!

After 6 weeks of rainy days...
we think we're in the Bahamas!! lol

Back to the parly and the protest issues...

I'm pretty sure there'll be other times to fight the good fight so this time I'm being a bit selfish as a wee break away - and not of the choccy biscuit variety! is really more needed.
Come to think of it - we could do with some chocolate too! lol

Anyways, I hope the sun's shinning where you are and things are being kind to you and yours,

maz x