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Monday, 29 December 2008

The Carers Roller-Coaster ride...

Well the after Christmas lull has hit!

Coo's been up all night and today's been a snow white day (sleepy and seizy) er no, her buddies were sleepy and sneezy - well, you know what I mean!

So much for the settled period, it was nice while it lasted! LOL

It really is a bit of a roller-coaster ride when you're a Carer isn't it, I mean, you never know from one day to the next how things are going to be.
Even when you're caring for someone with a fairly settled condition, you never know when it's going to kick in so you're always, (beneath the surface!)a little bit on edge.
I guess that's why we are so chuffed and happy when things are going well.

Good days are a bonus, sometimes feel as rare as pearls but always like a ray of sunshine to warm us up and keep us going!

It's bright here today, the wintery sun is shinning out - it's freezing mind you but from inside, looking out, it sure is pretty!

I'm glad the sun's come out, when Coo's ill and it's grey and gloomy, everything seems so much more of a hassle.
When the sun shines it makes it all so much more brighter doesn't it?

I'm hopeful he'll settle a bit tomorrow and we'll get out to the park for a bit.

Who knows maybe the sun will make an encore appearance -

2 days in a row, in December...HERE?
We'd think we were in sunnier climes! LOL

Let's hope for some sunny moments,

maz x

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Carers and Christmas, What did I buy you..?

Hi guys, I hope we all had a bit less stress over the last few days and enjoyed Christmas!

I got lucky this year!
I guess having family close by is always a bit of a bonus!

Coo had a cold but he was reasonably settled so that meant we could go to his sisters for our dinner after all...Yeah!

It was so good just to arrive and have a nice meal sitting waiting,

Coo's tickled pink.

His digital camera took a bash during the year and Santa heard about it and kindly popped one in his stocking!

Trouble is, he's not put it down since it dropped down the chimney.
Heaven only knows, what chamber of horror poses he's taken so far and we've still got new year to come! LOL

I had been a bit stressed before the big day and shopping had been a bit of a struggle but I managed it all...or so I thought!

My wonderful son, bless him, opened the book I'd ordered for him, smiled and said thank you, it's only today the soul's admitted it's the same book I bought him for his birthday in July!!!
I knew he liked it but I couldn't remember when he'd spoken about it.
No wonder...JULY - at the minute, I've a bother remembering what happened last week!! LOL
I don't know what I was thinking and honestly can't remember even buying him it but I must have done - It must've been one of those auto-pilot days!

Never mind, I've ordered another book to surprise him with although he'll probably say it wasn't necessary!

Looby's been poorly too, she's been struggling with a bad cold and going to work.
I know it sounds a bit me, me, me! but I'm hoping she feels well enough soon as I'm starting to slow down and feel the sleep catching up so I'll be needing her help!
In fact, I feel sure, I can hold out a few more days but then I'll have to sleep and recharge the batteries.

I've decided, I'll be booking a sleep night for Tuesday and maybe some time on Wednesday to have a look at the sales - a day out woo Hoo! LOL

I hope Santa was good to you and if not?...Well, I hope you find what you REALLY wanted in the sales!!

Happy hunting!

Take care and wrap up warm!

maz x

Monday, 15 December 2008

Carers in pantoland...

Hi guys,
We all survived our visit to Pantoland!
Coo did keep awake all the way through too so that was a bonus!
Mind you he's been shattered since but it was worth it.

We were away with our club!
For those who haven't visited before, every week I help run a group for local adults with disabilities and we get upto all sorts!
From singing karaoke (badly), cooking (easy peasy stuff only!) to pool, darts, dominoes and even daytrips.
So... we went to the panto, yes we did....oh no we didn't....well you get the idea! LOL

The panto was mother goose...

The dame was the guy who plays P.C. Plum from Balamory!

Thankfully there was no repeat performance of last years fight over the rolos... I took plenty this time!

With some friends who are also Carers along to help out on the day, we all had a brilliant day out!

Honestly, if you can visit the Panto it's really quite a stress reliever to laugh, clap, sing, shout out with the rest and basically return to your childhood for a few hours!

Have I converted you to visit Pantoland?
Go on, you know you want to!

I enjoyed it, can you tell? LOL
maz x

Friday, 12 December 2008

Carers issues Christmas song...

The campaign trail raising Carer issues goes on!

We were at a Carers lunch during the week and decided it was time for a song!
I thought I'd share it here so...

Don a Santa hat and sing-a-long...

A Carers Christmas song!

Tune: Walking in a winter wonderland!

Gordon Brown are you listening?
Carers needs you are missing.
We need some respite, to get a sleep at night.
Walking in a Carers troubled land.

If we could, get some respite,
On the net and book a cheap flight.
We’d sit in the sun and care for number one.
Walking in a Carers wonderland.

In the meadow we could build some day care,
where we could take our loved ones for the day.
If we had the funding we could do more
But for money we can only pray.

Gordon Brown are you listening?
Carers needs you’re still missing
Caring is tough and we don’t earn enough!
Walking in a Carers troubled land.
***Help us make a Carers Wonderland.

maz x

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Carers views needed to help...

Hi guys, if you are in Scotland and the person you care for has a Neurological condition please help if you can!

I received an email from NHS Scotland with details of the new draft on quality standards and I know, I know, it's 55 pages long but honestly reading the standards over about how things could and should be! brought it all back in a flash...

Poor Coo, we had such an awful time when he was last admitted to hospital.
It's such a pity all those lovely standards on how it should be were nowhere in sight then!

Regular visitors will know, Coo's seizures are fast and furious and all night long so an admission to the local General Hospital was always going to be difficult.

Comments from staff like:
* we can't cope with this!
*what's wrong with him!
and the worse one...
*is he always like that?
Were so hurtful for us both.
I'm afraid it took all the patience and energy I had, to ensure Coo was treated with dignity and care.
In the end, this could only be achieved by calling on Epilepsy Scotland and when all else failed going on holiday a la NHS and taking up residence there with him!

We spent two further weeks in hospital - (me on a recliner chair) - while Coo recuperated enough to come home.
It's a time I rarely speak of.
Honestly, holidaying on the NHS is not to be recommended - trust me - we know!!

So what prompted me this time?
Well, I'm so glad it looks like things will be improving at last and I'll follow with interest how these new 'standards' pan out.

So if you are in Scotland and you can spare the time take a peak...please!


maz x

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Carers Conference Glasgow...

Hi guys, I was up in the big city yesterday!
It was the annual Carers Scotland conference so up I went with 3 other Carers.

To be fair it was a real cold, frosty day but my gosh it was so cold inside the building the speakers put their gloves back on!
Now come on, I know there's a credit crunch but holy Moses, it was like sitting in the...

I felt, my fingers had frozen like captain Birdseye's and my nose was turning out as red as Rudolfs! LOL

Thank God at the break time there was some warming soup!

Back to business!

Suitably warmed from the soup, it was easier to listen to what was on offer as there was a speaker from TUNSTALL.
This company offer some help to support people living in their own homes for as long as they can.
Well, you might ask, what's so different about that?
Well, the solutions are all using Technology! you know, alarms and sensors and fancy pill boxes that let you know when it's time for meds.

I was quite impressed with some of their gizmos and gadgets so I'm going to have a looky-see for myself on there website.
Once we'd tried out some equipment and heard what Carers Scotland had been up to for the last year, it was time for some...pampering!

I had the choice of either going for a massage or trying some art therapy. You know me, I'll try anything once - well almost anything!LOL so I decided on the art therapy and it was BRILLIANT!

Glass Painting rules!!! LOL

It's so much fun and it's relaxing and best of get something to take home at the end of it!
How cool is that?

I bet you're wondering what I painted....picture window, fancy urn....large vase?
Nope! itty bitty tea light holders! LOL
They are by no means masterpieces but they are kinda cute and I made them!LOL
Well it was an enjoyable pass time I'd kinda like doing again so who knows, they say practice makes perfect!

On the way home, there was a German Market set up in the town!

It was just getting dark at this point and everything looked so pretty all lit up.
Bearing in mind how cold it was, I couldn't resist buying a new pink hat, the one I chose has a long section you wrap around as a scarf! Ha Ha I think it's a new version of buy one get one free! LOL

Anyways, Coo was fine while I was out, he and Looby spend a wee while in the park and went for a coffee!
I'm glad I went as I needed a bit of a break,the last few nights have been a bit hard going as Coo has a cold and we all know what that means - hard hat and flap jacket time!

Next up is our panto visit on Saturday, I hope I can keep Coo awake!
I think he'll be fine as in 'Pantoland' there's usually a lot of shouting and singing so even he would find it hard to sleep, well you'd think so, anyway here's hoping!
Fingers crossed!

maz x

Sunday, 30 November 2008


I came across a quote today which made me smile.
It's so apt for Carers that I wanted to share it with you.

We are each of us angels, with only one wing. We can only fly by embracing each other.
Luciano De Crescenzo

Isn't that a pretty poem?
I thought you'd like it!

Carers do such an important job, giving up a chunk of their time and sometimes their dreams to help another person and sadly, they don't always get the appreciation they truly deserve.

My granny used to say: "never mind hen, they're up there shinning up your halo!"
When I think of that, it makes me smile as sure as can be they were up there shinning hers too!
My granny died in a December and I miss her especially near Christmas time.
It's true what they say though, they're never really gone, while you can remember them with a memory and a smile.

Take care,
maz x

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

An Award for me?..Why thank you!

The Kreativ Blogger Award!

Robert nominated me this award. Gosh, I've come over all Oscars haven't I!LOL

Ok, in accepting the award I must reveal 6 of the things which make me happy, and then in turn pass the award to 6 other bloggers!

So…here Goes!

1. Santa,Snowball fights mostly anything Christmassy!
2. Autumn - Kicking up the crunchy, golden leaves!
3. Cream Teas - aw well who doesn't! LOL
4. Puppies especially Jack Russell ones!
5. Suneshiney Days - even if it's just the sun on my face for a little bit on a bright winter morning!
6. Cuddles - there's such comfort in them isn't there!

My 6 talented Bloggers...

1.Tilly's dealing with Dementia.
2. Sam's Battling with Schizophrenia
3.Calamity's some woman!
4.Demented Daughter.
5. Always a joy to share!
6.Mom to a 18 year old with Bipolar.

There were sooo many good blogs to choose from!

Robert,thanks for the award and thanks for thinking of me!

Sunny thoughts in winter time!!LOL
maz x

Tad difficult...

Hi Guys!

Things have been a tad difficult this week!
Coo's got yet another infection and you know how it is, once again the seizures have shot through the roof!

He seems to be over the worst of it so I'm hopeful things will settle as I'm supposed to be helping out at a Christmas Fayre on Saturday.

I sometimes wonder how I get into things but you know me it there's a fun angle I'm usually up for it!

Maybe it's the counter balance/ the crazier side to my nature coming out!

I usually help Santa giving out the sweeties and putting the all important mail into my big postbox!

Every year I'm usually an Elf and gave out sweeties to over a 100 children!

This year?
Well...I will be a...Christmas Tree! LOL

The kids love it and if I'm honest, so do I! LOL

You know what it is?
I get a bit of a buzz from spreading a bit of Christmas cheer around!

Aw, some feel good factor Woo Hoo!

I hope there's sunshiney thoughts where you are!

Maz x

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Travel Deals again...Woo Hoo

Hi Guys!

Remember last year around this time I got a cheap deal with the travelodge and went off for a few days to Edinburgh?

Well it's happening again! LOL

Coo has not been so good lately, it's been chest infection city here!

This year, so far, we've only got away for a few days in June to blackpool.
That's the closest we have gotten to a holiday together so I'm taking the chance and booking a few days away again in December!

Fingers crossed he'll be fit to go.

I think I'll keep it a secret for now!

So just like this handsome chap here....

Fingers on lips! LOL

Keep strong and take care of YOU!

maz x

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Still waiting...

Hi Guys!

Well, there's no movement on the shoulder front - come to think of it there's NO movement in the shoulder period!! LOL

I'm still waiting for word from the hospital!

Coo's been a little bit better and we're now around 10 seizures a day, sounds a lot but remember at the worst point it was up to 30 so things are still on the up!

Remember I told you about the wee group I host on a Monday night?
The members all have disabilities, mostly either physical or learning difficulties.

We'll, we recently had a Halloween Party and it was great!

I was dressed as a witch!
There really were an assortment of other crazy disguises from Pirates and fairies to a ninja clad all in black!
One of our wee lads turned up sporting high heels and a long pink wig! LOL
It really was fun!

We ducked for apples, and made fruit kebabs!
Well fruit and marshmallow anyway!
In my chocolate fountain which was hauled out the cupboard specially for the occasion - any time & date will just about do it these days!!LOL

I loooooooove chocolate!
It's so messy isn't it!LOL

Anyways, a good time was had by all and after some games, songs and dancing, giving out prizes for the best dressed people(yet more chocolate and sweeties!) the night was all done!

Roll on our next's PANTO time...oh no it isn't...oh YES it is!!!

Soon we're off to the theatre for our Christmas day out and this time I think we'll leave the toffee's at home, well especially after last years hassles - there was almost a punch-up over some rolo's!LOL

Keep strong and best of all keep smiling!

maz x

Sunday, 19 October 2008

new hope....maybe!

Hi Guys, guess what?

I saw another ortho surgeon at last!
He thinks he can help me with this darned shoulder and I'm so relieved, it was starting to get REALLY painful!

The surgeon said he will see me sooner rather than later too so that's a bit of a bonus!

Since I last posted, I've been away for some respite.
My mum and I went to Blackpool and it was great!

We stayed at the Royal Seabank Hotel on the front.
The meals were tasty, the room pretty and the people friendly.

Best of all we got Tram ride tickets thown in for FREE! LOL

We jumped on a tram out to St. Annes and walked along the prom till we found a...Tea Shop so I did get to eat those cream cakes after all! LOL

The best thing was...
Being able to sleep for 4 whole nights in a row...


I can't believe it's a whole year since I was last away for a break!

Coo wasn't too poorly while I was away so that was really good but you know how it is, unless I heard his voice each day, I couldn't settle so I called him right after breakfast each day, had a wee chat and then enjoyed what the rest of the day had to offer!

I'm so glad we have a system that works!
Our Direct Payment really let's me be free once in a while and I sooo appreciate it!
Makes me wonder how I cope without wasn't easy that's for sure!

I think it helps that it's our daughter Looby who is our P.A. (personal assistant) as when I get some time away, I know Coo is in good hands and I can switch off for a bit!

Coo's seizures are still pretty bad, he's currently having around 10 during the night and 2 or 3 during his daytime nap.
Things seem to have kinda settled into a pattern now so at least we know what we're dealing with.

I must admit though, poor Coo feels like a pin-cushion with all the blood tests, they're every 2 weeks now with no sign of letting up.
I suppose the up side is with all the careful monitoring, we've avoided the hospital admissions this year wooo oooo!

I guess everything is a trade off isn't it?
New meds mean more checks and side effects too so if you're any better or even break even it's a plus.

Well that's how Coo and I now see it.
I must admit though, we always keep our hard hats and flap jackets at-the-ready just in case!LOL

I hope things are fairly settled where you are!

maz x

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Cream cake eating?....not yet!!!

Well, I still haven't managed to get out and kick-up those leaves and more to the point...EAT those cream buns yet!

Things have been a bit difficult!

Coo's not been the best as the change in weather has upset him...again and to cap it all...we had the house rewired on Monday - what a mess!

Poor Coo, got landed with moving the heavy stuff as my shoulder is still a problem (another story me thinks!) so I felt about as useful as a chocolate tea-pot really.
I must admit though,I still excelled in the tea-making & choccy biccy department!

The results of our rewiring job??

Mostly, wires, holes, lumps and bumps...everywhere!

MEN AT WORK - what can I say!!LOL

Thank Goodness it's all over, the only problem now is the clear up.

Where the heck are Kim & Aggie when you need them? lol
Not that we're that bad! but I wouldn't mind some tips from those two as rewiring sure is a dusty job! LOL

I think things on the domestic front will get back to something resembling normal, (well normal for us anyway) soon-ish!

For the moment, I'll need to just dream of walks in the park and cream cake eating, more's the pity!

Never mind, I'm sure we'll make it out this week!

To keep us going?

A flowery cake - Mm Mm, I can taste it now! LOL

Take care,
maz x

Monday, 8 September 2008

Summers gone...

Well, the Summer has gone - if it ever was truly here in the first place!

I know I wore my rain jacket and wellies more than once and me thinks I was not alone in this! LOL

It's just as well, I quite like the Autumn time as I can feel it in the air already.

It's so nice to walk in the park and kick up the leaves - well when nobody's there anyway - otherwise they think you're nuts!

Speaking of nuts.... I just love...SQUIRRELS!!

When Coo is well, we sometimes go to Eglinton Park, it's crambed to bursting with wildlife and usually loads of squirrels scurrying around!

It's such a pretty place and so peaceful too.
When things are difficult, it always gives both Coo and I a lift.

It's the kind of place that makes you feel alive - oh and it has a coffee mm!

Now don't they look tempting?

Come on you know you want one! LOL

Coo's got his bloods to get done tomorrow so if he's well enough maybe we'll go get one of them there cakes on Wednesday!

Here's hoping!

maz x

Thursday, 28 August 2008

So disappointed...

I'm gutted!

I just came back from a hospital to see the Orthopedic Surgeon and it looks like he can't help me.
I have had pain in my shoulder for 3 years now.
The first year some hydrocortisone jabs kept it at bay but since then it's been real bad!

In a way it's a good thing my x-rays were normal but it's so painful all the time I'm really struggling now.
The Ortho say's without knowing what exactly the problem is, he doesn't want to 'open it up'.

Where does that leave me...

Well, he's going to refer me to his boss now and see what he thinks so I guess it's a case of just keep taking the pain killers and cranking up the TENS machine for now.

You know, with all this electricity running through my body all the time, it wouldn't surprise me if one of these days, I woke up with a curly perm LOL !

Ok, maybe the orange is stretching it a bit!!LOL

Coo's still struggling on.
His meds have been reduced as he was toxic so his seizures are up again.
He's worried about me too, which isn't helping things and to cap it all it's blooming raining again!

Hey-ho apart from all that we're both hunky-dory!

I'm reminded again of Granny, who always said...
It's a good life if you don't weary!

I think it could be lucky white heather time!

Keep thinking happy thoughs(or taking the pills)!
maz x

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Well it did rain....

It rained and it rained and it rained! LOL

I'm glad in the end I did decide to put on my wellies after all!

You know something though?
All that rain didn't dampen the spirits, in the words of Wallace and Gromit, it was a grand day out!

It always amazes me how people less fortunate like our wee group, who are all addition/special needs, a bit of a motley crew with an assortment of disabilities! keep so cheerful.

It didn't really rain on our parade, well it did but a multi-coloured assortment of silly rain poncho's and wellie boots and a group with no particularly cares on fashion sense made for a FAB day out! LOL

I'm glad I pushed myself sore shoulder and all and went ahead with this as a dozen people who really deserve a good fun and free outing had a ball! LOL

We were rewarded in the end as in the afternoon the sun came out and we all got to sip cuppa's and coffees on the beach - what a blast!

Bags of chips all around and a ferry ride back home...Fun? it sure was!

maz x

Friday, 8 August 2008

Hey ho...

Hi Guys, how goes it?

Things are pretty much the same-o same-o here, Coo's still struggling with seizures but we're kinda resigned to the whole thing and now take each day as it comes!

My shoulder is still sore, even after the hospital visit but I'm hopeful they can do something with it so we'll say it's a work in progress!

Our summer seems to be over here!
All week we've had the wellies and rain jackets out but funnily enough it's still pretty mild, so we're counting our blessings - it could be worse you know!

Our wee club for special needs adults, is off on a day trip tomorrow to the Isle of Arran for the Brodick Highland Games and both Coo and I, are looking forward to the ferry trip as it's been ages since we visited the Islands!

Mind you, the weather forcast doesn't sound too promising but I'm sure it'll be great fun!

Only one thing now...where did I stick those wellies!

maz x

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Hoping for sunshine...

Hi everyone!

Things have been a bit difficult for Coo recently, his meds are up and down like a yo-yo but we're still hanging on in there and paddling hard!

At last my appointment is nearing, so I'll be off to Hospital on Thursday to get that troublesome shoulder examined...ouch!

I've been lucky with the good old it's only taken 3 months to secure an appointment and I'm quite relieved really as I'd been told it could take 6 - 9 months!

I must say, I'm not looking forward to going at all as each time I've visited my GP, he's reduced me to tears with his poking and prodding of it!

Incidently, what's your weather been like?

Here, it's been wet and windy!

June was the worst it's been in years.

I'm not at all sure about this Global Warming milarky as it's even colder and wetter here than ever!

Never mind, Let's hope for some sunshine soon.

Take care,

maz x

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Back from our holiday...

Hi everyone we're back!

Blackpool was good fun and it only rained one day out of the five so that was a bit of a result!
Guess what?
It was warm enough for one of these!!

I'm glad we went as Coo kept relatively well while we were away...another bonus!

Things are maybe looking up again, I do hope so.

The highlight of the week was a visit to the Blackpool Zoo, honestly it's a brilliant day out!

They've got the lot including a Dinosaur Safari no less!

Coo was up and exploring the town all day so he was really tired in the evenings.

He fell asleep at 7 p.m. and looked a bit like this...

He got most annoyed with himself and said, for me, it must have been like going on holiday with our kids when they were small, when you had to be back in your room early!

We had a laugh about it when I said, we were there to chillout a bit and get some rest too!

We have come back stronger and ready to cope again.

All in all, we both had a real good time.

maz x

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Health, hassles & holidays...

Hi all, things have been a bit difficult this last few weeks as Coo's been having more seizures.

His meds have been on that dreaded drug see-saw...again.
Coo's blood test 2 weeks ago revealed his meds were too low for no reason we could find, so we agreed to up the dose a little.

This has been a bit of a mistake as Coo has slept on and off all day, every day, his seizure activity came back up to 20-30 and he felt really poorly.

We've decided to cut the dose yet again and see what happens - up and down, up and down.
Poor Coo, I'm beginning to feel the see-saw effect myself!!

I'm hoping things do settle a bit as we're going away for a few days!
Thinking things would surely be more settled by now, last January,I booked a few days away.
I was so optomistic things would be ok by the Summer time and Coo'd be well enough and raring to go!

But do you know what?

I'm not really worried about it anymore.
Things will be what they'll be and we'll just pootle on as before!
It's now been a real long time since Coo was well and it's amazing how you just 'cope' don't you!

You stress and worry, think how will I manage? and sure as anything, the sun rises to a new day and so do you!

Maybe Coo will improve a bit and maybe he won't, even if he doesn't, we've both learned we can manage things and we'll be ok!

So inspite of all the health stuff and hassles we're going to Blackpool as planned well or not!

So Blackpool here we come...

We'll wander along the beach and eat ice-cream, do you think that's a bit optomistic for Blackpool in June? LOL

Maybe we'd do better packing some wellies and an umbrella!

No way!
It wouldn't dare rain on our parade - and if it does so what, we'll hide away in the tower!!

Happy days,

Maz x

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sending Rainbow's...

Hi all!

I always say about us Carers...

"We are all in the same boat so we each must take turns to paddle" - and it's true!

Must admit though, it seems like we've been paddling so hard over this last year and a bit, Coo and I, we could've been signed up as Olympic rowers!

Coo's still seizing pretty bad but not at an un-manageable level, the meds are still a bit of an issue though!
Gosh, it's weird how your perception of what you can cope with changes over time isn't it?

A few years back, I'd have said 10 seizures a week was too hot to handle but with all the crazy activity this last year, when it shot upto 30 a day, it's now a case of 10 seizes a day? that's...

Easy peasy lemon squeezy...well not quite, but you know what I mean!

I feel the sunshine is real nice but I guess you need some rain in your life too!

Please God keep sending me some rainbows!

*****Here's to rainbows for us all!*****

maz x

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Old pics....

Aren't old Pics a bit of a pick-me-up?

I came across some photographs from a family holiday around 15 years ago and they brought back sooo many happy memories of my children and.....


When we met him at the then Euro Disney - I wonder what year it was!
Anyone know when Disneyland Paris opened?

Coo looked so healthy and happy too, we had such a happy time there.

By the looks of them, my kids are around 10 & 6 as opposed to 24 and 20...Gosh that makes me feel my age! but then again, I had them very young!

Coo and I spent a good, happy hour going through them all.

We must dig out some more as it sure did us both no end of good!

maz x

Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Hi all, I've been having some problems with my shoulder this past year and saw the Physio for some sessions, see...
***** Ouch not again! *****
Unfortunatly after a few months of squeezing, poking and proding the deal is....
Sorry, it's not working go back to your Doctor....well, alrighty then!

Our G.P. says don't bother coming in, I know what it's like so I'll just refer you to an Orthopaedic.
They'll be in touch, well cheers!

Nobody has ever mentioned surgery and I'm pretty sure I'd have remembered THAT bit, don't you think?

I guess it'll be a case of keep taking the painkillers and slapping on the TENS

Must admit, they do ease the pain somewhat but I'm not so sure about the woosy feeling that comes with them too.

Being a Tee-totaller, I wouldn't know but at a guess, maybe this is how drunk people feel!

Maybe I'll just pass on the pills and keep zapping away!

Thank Goodness Coo's still feeling Hunky-Dory at the moment and I suppose, looking on the bright side at least I'll avoid any more painful Physio sessions for the time being anyway!

maz x

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

On the up....

Hi all, Coo's still on the up thankfully!

He seems to be gaining strength day by day, who knows where it'll end LOL!

It's been really nice today and I persuaded him to come out in the garden with a cuppa for a wee while and yesterday for the first time in over a month, he agreed to come to work with me!

We kinda got a system going there!

I work in the local Community Centre so while I hold my information surgery...
Coo plays a game of pool with the Caretaker!

Obviously this last month he's not been able to accompany me and Looby's been draghted in to keep an eye on things while I got to work, but yesterday...well, it was all systems GO!

Thank goodness for that,

Maz x

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Coo improves...

Hi, the sun has come out at last and things seem a bit brighter today!

Coo's reduced dose of the new drug has helped, he's not so distant or closed into his shell today.
I'm glad for this glimmer of his old-self coming through as I've found the last month very difficult at times.

We began reducing the meds on Tuesday night, yesterday his depression began to lift and more importantly he's picked up his guitar.

I'm so relieved, he seems to be on his way back up again!

His seizures have taken a nose-dive but that's only to be expected with the meds changes, I'm just glad he's ok.

An improvement in things and a sunshiney day too, what more could I ask for?

Hope things are as sunny with you!

maz x

Monday, 7 April 2008

Drug see-saw again...

Hi everyone, after all the issues and difficulties adding this drug into Coo's system, it looks like it's gonna have to come right back out again!

Coo's blood results, show a further hike and there's now no way to control the level of the different drugs in his blood-stream.

Too little he seizes into oblivion all day, everyday, and too much well...ditto.
That's the dreaded drug see-saw effect!

He did avoid some of the nasty side effects but a month into the trial, he's suffering severe Flu symptoms, chills, cough, the works and continual nausea, his appetite is nil so he won't eat anything much and to cap it all he has now developed depression!

We're waiting for a specialist nurse to contact us tomorrow but Coo feels his quality of life has diminished so much, that any gains are far out-weighed by unbearable side effects.
Coo says the feelings of desperation, sadness and lethargy are as awful as when he had pneumonia and was struggling with 30 seizures a day!

It's been a very stressful experience but we had to try as it's a new drug and gave us just a little bit of hope!

Gosh it's never easy is it?

Don't you sometimes feel, everything comes at a price or is that just a tad cynical?

Let's hope for better times.

Take care friends,

maz x

Thursday, 27 March 2008

The new drug see-saw...

Well, we began putting the new drug in 2 weeks ago and so far we've avoided all the major nasty side-effects - thankfully no crazy 'hissy-fits' to report...yet!

On Tuesday, it went up to the high dose of 1000mgs a day but Coo's been having some problems since.
He sleeps around the clock and does not have any energy to go out etc.
He's also lost his appetite which is not so bad if your 18-20 stone but not good if your only around 10 stone to begin with!

The new drug was not supposed to re-act with any of his other meds but I think it has!
His drug level for the other epilepsy med, is now through the roof.
The safe dose is between 40 and 80 and today the reading is 109 - it's never been so high before!!

So, guess what??

We've begun the dreaded sea-saw effect yet again today!

Here we go!

Up 'n' down and up 'n' down!

We're reducing one med for two weeks and then we'll check the bloods again and plan some action!!

Nothings ever easy is it?

I hope life's treating you kind where you are!

maz x

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Anyone for Daffodils? ...

Well, the Daffodil Tea went of well!

Around 30 children painted eggs and a selection of bits and bobs decorated some Easter bonnets too!

The Tea and Scones went down a treat and the local groups made some much needed funds to keep them going.

I did enjoy the day although I didn't see too much of it.

I was in the small studio offering Reiki & Massage therapies.

It really was a stress free, fun day!

Healing thoughts sent your way.

maz x

Sunday, 9 March 2008

A new medicine...

Hi all, we same Coo's Neurologist today and he's asked him to think about trying a new drug, only problem is it's got some real nasty side-effects.
psychosis, nausea, anxiety & aggresion to name a few!

I've said to Coo it must be his decision but I confess, I'm feeling very wary.

Each time Coo's added another AED (anti epilepsy drug), we've had 2 or 3 months of hell while his body adjusts to it, then major side effects for a few months with no real improvements finished off with a further 2 or 3 months of hell to wean back off!

I'm trying to be positive but I'm not at all looking forward to the coming months ahead.

I hope things are in a sunnier place where you are and I hope too for sunnier days soon.

Who know's maybe this will be the one!

maz x

Friday, 29 February 2008

Daffodil lump or two!

How do I get into these kinda things?

I've been roped into hosting a daffodil tea in our local community centre and I'm not really sure what actually happens at one so it'll be Daffy-tea with a twist!

I guess things will be ok - I've asked they craft groups who meet in the centre if they will set up some stalls on the day so there'll be plenty of people milling around and things to buy and the local Cafe will provide tea and buns.

Only one other thing to sort out...a teddy bears picnic for 50 pre-schoolers.

Well, somebody's got to do it and the kids will have a ball!

I can sense a magician, some kiddie music and loads of sticky wee fingers coming on, only one thing for it...

Pass me another jam sandwich!

maz x

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Movie Star...Me!

Where to start?

Well, it's been a busy week!

I was asked if I would consent to being filmed this week as part of my job and it's been a bit more than I first thought!

I work for my Local Authority as a support worker out in the community and as usual it's time to evaluate everything to see what is deemed a valuable service...

So this week was the week that was!!

Two Camera men showed up and followed me around for a bit on Thursday.

***** I think not!! *****

I'm not sure what they'll eventually put out but so long as the boss is pleased and I don't look like...

Cruella De Vil!

I'm sure it'll be fine or should I say...

'it'll be alright on the night' LOL!

On the other end of things - I'm glad I had another focus this week as Coo is poorly yet again.
we've had 3 couses of anti-biotics since Christmas and we're on the dreaded anti-bio merry-go-round once more!

Thank goodness it's a Looby night tonight as I sure need the sleep!

maz x

Sunday, 10 February 2008

The Sun makes an appearance...

Hi all, the sun has come back for a bit and lifted the grey-day moods!

I think everyone's spirits have been lifted a little and people certainly do smile more!

Out came the winter sun so today was the day!
We eventually, decided to sort out the chaos that used to be our old rickety garage

The rain stayed off long enough to let us get most of the debris sorted so that was a bonus as we were not looking forward to the big garden clear-up! Can you tell? we're not really outdoor types!!
Thanks to the wee bit sun it wasn't too bad.

Coo's been poorly yet again, his drug level fell well below the safe level and his bloods on Tuesday showed an increase in white cells so we're on yet another antibiotic run!

It seems like we just kinda lurch from one crisis to another.

On a positive note, Coo quite enjoyed pottering around the garden and banging about with his hammer!
When I asked him what he was doing, he said he's decided to build a new fence by recycling the wood he's saved!

Well, Ground Force he 'aint but we'll see, with a bit of luck it'll only be a passing fancy...let's hope so!

maz x

Thursday, 31 January 2008

Winter wonderland of January...

If we didn't need reminding...Winter is definately still here!

This is the worst January I can ever remember!

Snow, hail stones and gale force winds have been hitting us all day today and by the look of things, it isn't letting up anytime soon!

I went out to put some paperwork into the office, went to open the cardoor and almost had my hand wrenched off!
The wind caught the door and pulled it from my hand and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

I came back out of work half an hour later to discover the door is now warped and letting in water so lucky me, I got to travel in a not so comfortable wet seat all the way back home!!

I hope it doesn't cost too much to get it fixed, Coo and his Dad are presently... assessing the situation is probably the best way to put it!

Typical, their first response was - couldn't you hold it?

Only one answer to that and it's not printable, so I'll just say they got the picture er.....No!!!!

So far we've lost our rickety garage a garden fence and my rabbit hutch 'aint looking too pretty either!

Roll on the better weather and soon!

maz x

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Ouch not again...

My shoulder is painful again so I've been back to the Doctor!

He says it's not improving so I've to see a Physio next!
I can't say I'm looking forward to it but I'll give it a go!!

Coo's still struggling with some kind of infection but thankfully he seems to be over the worst of things but our weather isn't it's been dreadful!
Torrential rain and whirlwinds off the coast mean our old rickety sadly now no more!!

The roof blew off and around the garden, like Dorothy's house in the 'Wizard of Oz!'
The rest of it...well it couldn't do the decent thing and fall down could it?
No, was stubborn and needed some help!

Just imagine it!

One elderly father...two teens who would have rather been anywhere else on the planet and one Coo flapping big style, trying to help!
I stayed inside and made the tea as all that testosterone and bad weather seemed a bit of a nasty omen!

After some debate, puffing and panting and chasing the dog around the garden!

Eventually blood sweat and struggles decided to co-operate and give up the ghost!

Only trouble is - where the heck am I gonna put all the junk I'd kept 'safe' in there for the last decade!!

I think I'll worry about that another day.
Watching all that activity has left me exhausted!!!

maz x