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Saturday, 15 August 2015

IJB, Carer woes and Island views...

Hi guys - what a week we've had!

Firstly the tough stuff...
Carpal tunnel sure is a pain!
It's still kicking me three week on, even with the physio's help and a range of supports and splints! I'm hopeful it will go soon but meantime I've found a...girlie pink splint and I'm just kinda riding it out!

I've been busy too! It was Health and Social Care IJB (Integrated Joint Board) time again this week. It's where members from throughout local Council, NHS and third sector, come together to discuss and agree our next step forward.
Here in North Ayrshire, Carers and service users take their place on the board too and rightly so!
It's important we are all on the same page as decisions made at IJB affect peoples lives so it's only proper they are represented on the board!

Carer woes...
It's been real tough these last few weeks. Coo's been bouncing around a bit and I'm sure we're back on that AED (Anti Epilepsy Drug) see-saw once again. Problem is, he's had a bit of a sniffle and a viral infection going on so there was no point testing his bloods as all those issues just skew the results! They are definitely getting done this week - he's so sleepy, there's an increase in seizures and the dreaded mood swings have returned, sure sign the serum levels are a bit high. One things for sure...somethings gotta give soon!
On a sunnier note...
I guess we're blessed where we live! When it rains it sure pours but when the weather is fine? Well, see for yourself! With a view like this who couldn't be happy?
I love living on the coast! The island view always calms and cheers me in equal measure and on that happy note I'll sign off!
Maz x