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Friday, 21 May 2010

Sunny weather...

Hi Guys!
The sunshine's back and thank goodness for that! LOL
I think things all seems so much easier and everyone's mood is always a bit brighter too when the sun comes out!

I can honestly say Coo seems to be on the up again, I was worried about him as he was very sleepy but over the last few days things seem to be settling so yet more to smile about...Woo Hoo!

My garden is coming along too and my wee greenie has an assortment of pots with things growing - still not sure what exactly but they're growing on anyway!

In other news...
Sadly, the council meeting didn't go as well as I'd hope - they voted against looking again, at their decision to close Community Centres. The local people are hopping mad and the fight goes on!
I've been in the local press making sure everyone knows what is happening and more importantly, they speak up about their concerns and I hope they do...loudly!

I'm glad I spoke out about their plans.
I had hoped they would listen but at least now everyone knows what the council are upto and it's not over yet!

I'm just pleased Coo's doing a bit better and the sun's come out! All this campaigning and Caring does kinda sap the energy a bit!

Let's hope the sunny weather stays for a bit.
Some sun on my face and some time pottering in the garden would be nice too.

Sunshine and smiles sent your way!
maz x

Friday, 14 May 2010

Carers campaigning update...

Hi Guys, remember I was chairing a public meeting last month because our councillors decided it would be a good idea to close all their community centres?
The posts are here and here too!

Well...seems like some of our councillors now think maybe it wasn't such a smart idea after all...they've called in the papers to what they call a 'Scrutiny Committee' and want to look at this again!

I'm not sure what exactly they will do but let's hope something useful comes out of this as the local people really are worried!

Thank goodness we decided to make a stand as otherwise they'd have just pushed this through!

'Save our Centres' seems to be the local chant at the minute!

Fingers and everything else crossed! LOL
maz x

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Mystery plant no more...

Hi Guys mystery solved! LOL
How on earth did I miss those pods - they're a bit of a give away aren't they! LOL

The strawberries seem to be doing ok too!
Ok one lot identified now onto the next, I really should have noted them down when I planted the seeds!

Let's hope the frost stay's away for a bit and they grow nice and big and juicy! LOL

maz x

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Can't get off that Carer Roller-coaster...

Hi Guys, we're back on that roller-coaster ride yet again!

I thought Coo was doing a bit better but sadly, over the last few day's he's taken a bit of a tumble. The seizures are on the increase his concentration is shot to bits and he just wants to sleep...a lot!
I should have guessed the drug level was too high or he had a cough coming but no, I didn't connect it this time!
The blood results came back yesterday - our doctor phoned to say Coo's so far out of the safe range we can't continue on the current dose and need to cut the med yet again!
I guess it's a case of hanging on tight, riding things out and hoping for the best!

Enough of other news...

My plants are flowering so whatever they are they've got white flowers!
It's exciting! LOL I'll need to keep pottering around and see what develops next! LOL

Let's hope for lot's of sunshine to help them along! LOL

Why don't you try growing something in your own wee space, it's real fun and I can thoroughly recommend it as a happy diversion...well, it sure works for me!
Now where'd I put they wellies? LOL

Happy planting!

maz x

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Carers and votes...

Hi Guys and happy election day!

What do you think?
Will a change of government change things for Britain's unpaid family Carers?
Who knows, I guess time will tell!

I will vote. I always do as knowing the hardship people endured so we can all vote makes it important to me. I guess all those history bytes on the sufferagettes from years gone by, have done their job and stuck fast in my memory! LOL

I like to think things will change for us Carers and sooner rather than later. I hope we do see some advances in both respite and services and the woefully inadequate Carers Allowance, especially for our pensioner Carers as caring can only get more difficult as you become aged yourself!

I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings government wise and healthwise?
Well...thankfully things are a bit better here!
Coo's still struggling but things are settling a bit!
He's getting his bloods done again today so hopefully the drug levels will be in or close to the safe range this time!

I hope things are fairly settled where you are too!

maz x