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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Wee luxury foods...

Hi Guys!
Carers are usually on pretty much of a tight budget and little luxuries are really treasured...well I know I do!
One of my passions is for really good quality jam and Coo usually buys me some on the odd occasion we make it out to a National Trust property or when we're on holiday!

So, I'm really pleased! even though I say so myself, about the recent jam making exploits! LOL
Here's what I've managed to 'cook up'so far...

There's loads of pots of nice foody things and among guessed it...JAM! lol
There's some:
* Bramble & Apple
* Rhubarb & Bramble
* Strawberry & Bramble
* Apple & Raspberry
* Rhubarb & Ginger
* Apple & Plum

Can you tell I love those black or even purple juice filled brambles?
They are by far my favourite fruit...
well for this month anyway! LOL

There's also some tasty chutney in there. Made using mostly things grown in the garden too, I'm not really a big chutney fan but I do like a little on a cheesy toasted sandwich and I found an easy recipe (online where else!)so I've given chutney making a whirl too!

In order to satisfy my sweet tooth, I just had to give both the chocolate and vanilla fudge a go and there's still a box of each in the photo but at the rate it's disappearing it won't last long! LOL

Lastly, there's one sad and solitary (although pretty decent sized!) jar of Beetroot and a big bottle of Spiced vinegar which I made and used to pot up the beets and add to the chutney.
I must admit, I was kinda disappointed with the beetroot this time - not the taste as it's sooo lovely, very sweet and with a hint of heat coming through from the spiced vinegar but all my beet plants were very small so I didn't get as much as I thought...what is it they say about not counting your chickens before they're hatched?
I think, the wet weather here this summer definately affected the beets - they were teeny weeny! Never mind though as I only got the one jar this time, I'm saving it for Christmas!

Both Coo and I are eating really well!
I've still got lots of apples, plums and blackberries on the door step and millions of sweet baby potatoes stored. There's some cabbage and even salad greens still hiding under the big leafy plants!

All in all, as pretty much a novice, it's been fun growing our own. I mentioned to my mum, I'd hardly bought any veggies or potatoes in over six months and still had quite a lot of things on the go, stored or pickled, jam-ed (is that even a word? lol) or just beet into submission! LOL

I must have saved a fortune already and the really cold weather is still a ways off so the growing season 'aint over...yet!

The free food is good but do you know what I've enjoyed most?
The garden has been a happy and productive diversion while I've been at home so much these last few months, especially when Coo's been really poorly.

I know lot's of Carers who need to be home a lot and it's always difficult! It's hard to keep focused and just keep going at times! It really has been great finding and sharing ways to keep occupied and sane but mostly it's been fun!

If you still haven't tried growing your own, give it a bash!
It's definately good for you and I think it's good for the soul too, although I doubt the fudge making (and eating) is much good for the waist-line! LOL

maz x

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Oh Fudge!

Hi guys, in my quest to keep myself busy while stuck at home caring, I came across this...

The fact that it's chocolatey, looks really good and seemed easy enough to make, was all the incentive I needed! lol

So, a happy hour was spent today fudge making...Yeah!
For those who want to bring a bit of fudge into their life, here's the link...

***Chocolate Fudge for Christmas***

One other thing, be warned!
It's very chocolatey and it's quite hard to resist too so it's not for the faint hearted! lol

Incidently, if like me you're thinking ahead to Christmas and like most Carers also trying to keep a bit of a hold on the pennies, there are loads of other cool ideas on Santas postbag

Happy hunting and have some fun making something, entertaining the wee ones or even yourself for that matter! LOL

maz x

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

In a soapy bubble...

Hi Guys, most of you will know, with Coo being so poorly, I've been stuck at home a lot lately and I suppose that's just typical of the usual Carer lifestyle eh?

Well, I've decided there's no time like the present to begin getting organised and I've got around to ordering my soap supplies and some new chrismassy moulds! LOL

I enjoy soap making, I find it kinda therapeutic.
It's also a pleasant and better still quiet pass-time while Coo's asleep and I'm so very much at home a good 'un! LOL

I've got some lovely gift bags, a load of tissue paper and some pretty gold labels so...
I'm going to make the wee soaps and pop 'em in as Christmas gifts.

Handmade is always nice to recieve isn't it!

Guess what?

***I think I'm gonna be...Soapy bubble busy! LOL

maz x

Monday, 13 September 2010

My Poem on Carer's ...

Hi Guys, I was trawling my P.C. hard-drive and came across some more of my poems so I decided to share...

‘The Carers Circle’

We care because we love.
We love because we care,
It’s as natural as breathing in freshest Air.
To love, hope and strive and continue to care.

This circle of caring, life, love and hope.
That’s what helps us continue and aids us to cope.
There’s another circle, it’s hopeless and bleak, a black hole.
It pulls down Carers, and so saddens their soul.

Some support is needed to help Carers through.
Please make sure they get it, it’s all up to you.
We can help with support and speak our mind.
For one day as Carers ourselves we may find.

By Maz

I honestly do feel, we Carers are living in a kind of circle at times.
I Wish we all had a huge circle of support too!

I hope you liked the poem!

Keep strong,
Maz x

Friday, 10 September 2010

Carers need me time too...

Hi Guys,
I'm just like most Carers and we all know, there are times when you're kinda stuck and can't get out much and that's increasingly been the case for me recently!
It's so important to find some me time too!

Coo is still poorly with lot's of seizures and he's very sleepy too so I've spent a lot of time at home over the last few weeks.
I've been keeping myself busy with this lot...

...making some jam! Mmmmmm!

I found a really easy recipe to make jam using my breadmaker and it worked out just fine - well actually it worked out pretty much better than's yummy! LOL

I guess it helped, I had some lovely ripe brambles and plenty rhubarb growing in the garden to begin with so in between checking on Coo, I spent a happy hour fruit gathering and eating! before I even started to cook! lol

I'm really a bit of a novice but I must admit...
I'm kinda pleased with the results!
The jam tastes wonderful!
It's now all bottled up with a cute label and of course a bow and it looks really pretty too!

When I was a Carer at first, I used to kinda resent the times I was 'stuck' at home with Coo but now, I seem to have found so many ways to pass the time while Coo's asleep, that it doesn't bother me so much.
Being a Carer is a different lifestyle, well it is for me!
It's a lifestyle full of contradictions, from the sporadic times of high drama and tension of hospitals, ambulances and emergency admissions to the other end of the spectrum with a much slower pace and lot's of quiet time spent at home. I've learned to adjust and realised it's ok to be different, it's also ok to say...hold on and...slow down once in a while too!

Regardless of how much seizure activity during the night, I used to panic if the house wasn't tidy and we weren't up and dressed by a certain time in the morning but then I realised if you don't sleep much during the night bacause you're on the Carer night's ok to sleep in a little and start you're day a bit later, the world still turns without your input! LOL

I guess people don't really understand and unless you've spent some time caring you'd never realise there are so many people out there all caring, coping and generally just getting on with things as best they can even if it is a bit of a slower pace!

I think my rat-race days are well and truly over and if truth be told I don't really miss them much!
Manybe I'm just getting old - perish the thought!

Keep strong and sane oh and if you can make some jam! LOL
maz x