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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Still struggling...

Hi Guys, the struggle continues I'm afraid.

I suppose that kinda sums it up for most Carers doesn't it.

Coo is still very poorly. Last night his seizures were every 15 - 20 minutes again and he's pretty beaten up - well, we both are really! His blood tests show his drug level is still up 'n' down on what we call the AED (anti epilepsy drug) see-saw so there's little sign of any improvement.

Luckily we have Looby to call on when I need a bit of a break and she's been brilliant moving things around to accomodate the current issues.
What a wee star!

New drugs are always a worry and I'm dreading futher problems with side effects as things are already pretty rocky for Coo as it is! I'm trying to be real calm, usually not a problem as nothing really fazes me...well not much anyway! LOL

So...I'm going to move onto more positive things!

Our weather here is as unpredictable as ever!
The sun has made another appearance after 12 days of rain! LOL

In fact it really has been brolly and wellies weather most of our summer this year! LOL Even our local church fete was washed out on Sunday - now how dare it rain on that - there's no justice is there! LOL

So as the sun co-operated and came back for a vist and Coo's seizure alarms were on, I did manage to sneak in the garden for a wee while! The veggies are still doing well - I guess the rain is good for something anyway, what is it they say? about clouds and silver linings! lol

Tonight, dinner will be baked potatoes and an assortment of fillings with some fresh side salad, drizzled with my favourite honey mustard dressing and best of all most of it came free of charge from the garden - cool or what!

I never thought I'd enjoy growing things so much...but I do!
It really is good for you and so is the fresh produce too! LOL

Let's hope for some sunnier times to come.
Take care,
maz x

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