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Monday, 29 December 2014

Happy days, Hospitals and Carer Thoughts...

Hi guys, did everyone have a happy Christmas? Ho ho ho!

We had a lovely day!
We made it for dinner at Coo's sisters and a great time was had by all!
We're still struggling along with the usual health hassles but everything went well on the day and for that we're mightily thankful!

The cheerful, festive feelings didn't last long though and we were at the hospital for yet another Christmas time - my MRI arrived on the horizon. I suppose it was better done sooner rather than later but I'm just fed up of the whole situation already!
I've discovered I'm not a particularly good patient.
I really hate being on the cared for side of the equation and can sympathise with's down right rotten! Now, I'm not sure if it's the continuous appointments, meds hassles and bloods with Coo over the years or not but having lived it so long with someone else, I just don't seem able to muster up the energy to go through it all myself - I feel kinda battle hardened even though I've never really been ill myself at all! Does that make sense?
Who knows, maybe it's just par for the course for most Carers!
Anyhow, The symptoms are no worse, they're no better either...but they're no worse! We're both coping ok and I've survived the first round of tests we wait!

2014 has been a great year!
Health-wise it's been challenging but we've been so blessed in other ways too! Our grand-daughter Jessie's surgeries went well, her walking is improving all the time! A new wee grand-baby came along too! Wee Islay arrived in October, she has similar hip problems as Jessie but they'll fix and she's bonny, hale, healthy and happy!
All the buzz with the commonwealth games and my wee stint with the Baton gave us a major feel good factor too so all-in-all it has been a good year this time around!

We're ok and I hope you're doing ok where you are too!
Maz x

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Health issues, Carers & SDS...

Hi guys, it's been a very difficult week, Coo's is still poorly, we're waiting for blood and x-ray results and to cap it all I ended up in A&E myself.

I had numbness and tingle in my hand and face for over a week, I had no pain so wasn't that concerned but I caved into pressure from family, got a last minute cancellation and saw our doctor. Fully expecting a quick once over and maybe a prescription or even better's fine don't worry...but no - I had to go to A&E and wait and wait!

I won't go into all the details here and now - I think that's a post for a stronger day- all I'll say is, the whole A&E experience fell very short of the quality of care I had expected. Waiting times so in excess of current guidelines, I could have cried in frustration! I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do about this yet but that's a fight for another day, not today!

By contrast, hospital care itself, leaving aside the eight and a half hours wait in A&E, was caring, friendly and excellent quality and for that, I am so very thankful as it restored my faith a little. The staff we're open, friendly, tried to make my stay and as a Carer, the need for it to be over and me out of there as quickly as possible work but dear-oh-dear what an experience!

Thankfully our SDS (Self Directed Support) care package kicked in seamlessly, while I was admitted, Looby came to stay an extra night & day with Coo and this really meant, I wasn't worried so much about how things were faring at home and that so helped!

Thankfully my CT scan was clear, I need an MRI and I've agreed to have it done as an out-patient but for now I'm just trying to gather some strength, re-group and re-assess things a little.

I'm ok and we're coping!
Maz x

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas trees, Carers and happy time-outs...

Hi guys, Christmas is definitely upon us!

I guess, I can deny it no longer! The lights and Christmas trees are going up all around me too so yup...I guess it's here! lol

The last month has been a real struggle again. Coo is still so very poorly and we've been mostly at home, living quietly. The infection he picked up around the time of his flu-jab, just didn't go away. No matter what we tried from cough and cold remedies, right up to and including anti-biotics - nothing made any difference what-so-ever! The infection continued, the seizures spiralled and we were back on that roller-coaster ride again!
Land sakes...what a month!

So what have I been up to then?
Well, apart from coping with Coo that is! I've been busy, with my wee Carer Group. Even when things are difficult, it's important to spend time with other Carers, they know just what it's like and can really support one another are some of our wee group!
We were at a  local Christmas Fayre on Saturday fundraising for our group. This wee day is important for us as it means we can have wee days out and lunch throughout the year.
Now, that might not seem much but for lot's of Carers it's a real life-line, a window to the outside world and just a wee time-out away from caring!

One such day is tomorrow - the group are going to Cardwell Bay!

Its nice, especially this time of year, it'll have snow flakes, trees, twinkly lights and tinsel all around... and...I'm  going!
I'm one of the lucky ones and have an SDS (Self Directed Support) care package in place so our PA Looby, will come stay with Coo, I'll know he's safe and I will still get to go enjoy it all with the others, forget about things for a wee, happy, while!
I know it's not so for lot's of other Carers, I struggled on alone for decades before we made the switch and got some proper help in place. I  only wish more Carers had such good support too.

Stay strong friends,
Maz x