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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Respite, Anti-bio-land, Carer health and juggling all those balls...

Hi guys, I've not posted in a wee while, my fingers were hurting so much but I think at last...we've turned a corner - woo hoo - result!
Where to start? 
Ok Carer Health...
All those proverbial balls juggling around...
I at last got a firm diagnosis and it's taken me a wee bit of time to get my head fully around it too!
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis - there it is I've said it! How do I feel? Well, firstly my thoughts were, as a Carer, how will I cope with Coo, will it progress and can it be managed? I have to say the Rheumatologist I saw at University Crosshouse Hospital, was patient and kind, explained options and gave me leaflets on the day  - thank you! That made such a difference! Kinda helped me get my head around things quicker and saved me trawling the net trying to find the most appropriate information - another result!

It's unlike me to run away from things for long, it's not in my nature so I researched the information from the hospital, had a look at some NHS info. and picked an arthritis resource site for good measure! lol

Cared for becomes Carer...
I gotta say, it's a total mind-shift going from Carer to Service User...We're ok but it's been an adjustment that's for sure! Anyhow, I've started the meds and been getting my bloods done every two weeks and things seem to be going well - thankfully!
Coo's been taking it all in his stride, he's been back in anti-bio-land again with an infection and seizure increase but on the whole things are a bit more settled so we're fine!

Respite for us both...
I'm so glad our SDS (Self Directed Support), is so flexible.
Proper support makes all the difference in the world so with that in mind and things settling down for us a little, we took off up the coast for a wee respite break! By gosh we were both needing a change of scene in a restful location and they don't come much more restful and restorative than this do they?   
Wemyss Bay...

For us it ticks all the boxes for a wee home from home holed up and chilling! It's not too far away - if there's problems we can get home fairly quickly and on the plus side it's close enough that Looby and the babies can visit for a bit too (meaning, she can take over for a bit and I can still get a sleep too - massive plus!) and we can spend some quality family time and lastly? It's so peaceful and beautiful too win! Yet another result!

We're both back, chilled, happy and ready to go again!
and as for all those balls bouncing in the air...I guess, for now, it's ...Happy juggling!
Maz x