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Monday, 13 September 2010

My Poem on Carer's ...

Hi Guys, I was trawling my P.C. hard-drive and came across some more of my poems so I decided to share...

‘The Carers Circle’

We care because we love.
We love because we care,
It’s as natural as breathing in freshest Air.
To love, hope and strive and continue to care.

This circle of caring, life, love and hope.
That’s what helps us continue and aids us to cope.
There’s another circle, it’s hopeless and bleak, a black hole.
It pulls down Carers, and so saddens their soul.

Some support is needed to help Carers through.
Please make sure they get it, it’s all up to you.
We can help with support and speak our mind.
For one day as Carers ourselves we may find.

By Maz

I honestly do feel, we Carers are living in a kind of circle at times.
I Wish we all had a huge circle of support too!

I hope you liked the poem!

Keep strong,
Maz x

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