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Thursday, 23 June 2011

How does your garden grow...

Hi Guys, well how does my garden grow?...pretty well I'd say!

In the greeny...

My fancy Tigerella (stripey) tomatoes are just peeping out and they're looking pretty good so far!
I hope they're as tasty as they look!

Remember the T.V. advert...Beans means H***ze?
Well mine sure are not the fancy brand named ones! lol

What do you think?

They're looking pretty hot!
I think it's those zingy flowers!
Who knew about them? I didn't!
They're a really vivid tangerine shade and look good enough to eat!
Let's hope the beans are too!

Last but not least...
The strawberry patch!

These are all wee alpine ones and there are a lot of them ready just now - woo hoo!
...and the bigger ones?
Well, they're still green and in need of some serious sunshine to help them along!

I've had a happy few hours in the garden today and it's been great. It all seems to be sprouting up everywhere!

Let's hope for some sunshine to help those strawberries along or at least some warm sunny thoughts to be going on with! lol
Maz x

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Hospital 'n' rainy days...

Hi guys!
I guess the rainy days are back again - it's been blowing a hoolie here and lashing with rain!

My wee plants are still safely tucked up in the greenhouse and it's well into June now.
What a month - we've had all the seasons! lol

Coo's been at hospital again to see the Neuro and things have kinda gone as we thought. They're not going to do anything more for the time being.

It seems the AED's (anti Epilepsy drugs), he's on just now are as effective as they're going to be and any more increases will not really help - already been tried!
I guess he's stuck on around 10 - 15 seizures a day and that may sound a lot but it's been worse...a lot worse! Three years ago, after a nasty run-in with pneumonia, it was upto thirty seizures every day for months on end so on balance... we're kinda ok with things - well, we can manage put it that way! lol

I think so long as we take time out when we need to and stay home when we can, things will be ok!
I'm glad we've got the wee greenie and my array of fruits and veggies on the go too as it keeps me busy and even Coo's began to take a bit of an interest - woo hoo!

Who knows, maybe even the sun will come back for a visit!
Let's hope so and if not...?
...let's keep those sunshiney thoughts for warmth! LOL

Meanwhile try this wee kitten smile for size...

Works for me! LOL
Maz x

Friday, 3 June 2011

Sunny Days and Carers...

Hi guys - the sun has made a come back...yeah! lol

It's been cold, grey and very wet here over the last few weeks, infact give or take a day or two, May was pretty much a rainy month!

June has brought some lovely sunshine with her and I'm delighted! My strawberries are all in flower now and I'm excited at their promise of lovely fruit to come!

Even the flowers look sweet and pretty don't they!
Coo and I, have been taking things a little easier this week and spent some more time at home. The warmer weather makes him feel really tired so it's easier managed if we can stay home more, especially in the afternoons when he seems to tire most.

I must say though, for someone who doesn't like gardening, Coo's been pottering around today! I'm hoping this gardening lark is a wee bit infectious as he sure could do with some fresh air around him!

The sun so cheers and lifts the spirits doesn't it! It's just so soothing to feel it's warmth on your face!

Grey days make for grey moods so...
let's hope we all have some sunny days!

Happy thoughts,
Maz x

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Happy news from me to you...

Hi guys can you guess my happy news?

Well, after the 'Winter wonderland of Looby & Steven's wedding in December...

We've had some great news!
...We're going to be grandparents! how lovely is that!
The wee baby won't be born until into the new year but I'm excited already! lol

We've not had little ones in our family for quite a while so this should be fun!

I decided to try my hand at knitting something for Looby's bottom drawer...(wee hidey hole for baby things!).
...and here they are...

Cute or what? LOL
Knitting, hasn't really been an interest of mine but I wanted to make a wee knitted something for my very first grand baby!

The loom is out and a wee baby blanket is on the go at the minute too.

I'm working up to a wee baby jacket next but there's plenty of time so I'm in no rush. I'm sure I'll get there.

Big smiles and (((hugs)))too, hope you're happy and doing ok where you are too!
Maz x