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Monday, 29 December 2008

The Carers Roller-Coaster ride...

Well the after Christmas lull has hit!

Coo's been up all night and today's been a snow white day (sleepy and seizy) er no, her buddies were sleepy and sneezy - well, you know what I mean!

So much for the settled period, it was nice while it lasted! LOL

It really is a bit of a roller-coaster ride when you're a Carer isn't it, I mean, you never know from one day to the next how things are going to be.
Even when you're caring for someone with a fairly settled condition, you never know when it's going to kick in so you're always, (beneath the surface!)a little bit on edge.
I guess that's why we are so chuffed and happy when things are going well.

Good days are a bonus, sometimes feel as rare as pearls but always like a ray of sunshine to warm us up and keep us going!

It's bright here today, the wintery sun is shinning out - it's freezing mind you but from inside, looking out, it sure is pretty!

I'm glad the sun's come out, when Coo's ill and it's grey and gloomy, everything seems so much more of a hassle.
When the sun shines it makes it all so much more brighter doesn't it?

I'm hopeful he'll settle a bit tomorrow and we'll get out to the park for a bit.

Who knows maybe the sun will make an encore appearance -

2 days in a row, in December...HERE?
We'd think we were in sunnier climes! LOL

Let's hope for some sunny moments,

maz x

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Carers and Christmas, What did I buy you..?

Hi guys, I hope we all had a bit less stress over the last few days and enjoyed Christmas!

I got lucky this year!
I guess having family close by is always a bit of a bonus!

Coo had a cold but he was reasonably settled so that meant we could go to his sisters for our dinner after all...Yeah!

It was so good just to arrive and have a nice meal sitting waiting,

Coo's tickled pink.

His digital camera took a bash during the year and Santa heard about it and kindly popped one in his stocking!

Trouble is, he's not put it down since it dropped down the chimney.
Heaven only knows, what chamber of horror poses he's taken so far and we've still got new year to come! LOL

I had been a bit stressed before the big day and shopping had been a bit of a struggle but I managed it all...or so I thought!

My wonderful son, bless him, opened the book I'd ordered for him, smiled and said thank you, it's only today the soul's admitted it's the same book I bought him for his birthday in July!!!
I knew he liked it but I couldn't remember when he'd spoken about it.
No wonder...JULY - at the minute, I've a bother remembering what happened last week!! LOL
I don't know what I was thinking and honestly can't remember even buying him it but I must have done - It must've been one of those auto-pilot days!

Never mind, I've ordered another book to surprise him with although he'll probably say it wasn't necessary!

Looby's been poorly too, she's been struggling with a bad cold and going to work.
I know it sounds a bit me, me, me! but I'm hoping she feels well enough soon as I'm starting to slow down and feel the sleep catching up so I'll be needing her help!
In fact, I feel sure, I can hold out a few more days but then I'll have to sleep and recharge the batteries.

I've decided, I'll be booking a sleep night for Tuesday and maybe some time on Wednesday to have a look at the sales - a day out woo Hoo! LOL

I hope Santa was good to you and if not?...Well, I hope you find what you REALLY wanted in the sales!!

Happy hunting!

Take care and wrap up warm!

maz x

Monday, 15 December 2008

Carers in pantoland...

Hi guys,
We all survived our visit to Pantoland!
Coo did keep awake all the way through too so that was a bonus!
Mind you he's been shattered since but it was worth it.

We were away with our club!
For those who haven't visited before, every week I help run a group for local adults with disabilities and we get upto all sorts!
From singing karaoke (badly), cooking (easy peasy stuff only!) to pool, darts, dominoes and even daytrips.
So... we went to the panto, yes we did....oh no we didn't....well you get the idea! LOL

The panto was mother goose...

The dame was the guy who plays P.C. Plum from Balamory!

Thankfully there was no repeat performance of last years fight over the rolos... I took plenty this time!

With some friends who are also Carers along to help out on the day, we all had a brilliant day out!

Honestly, if you can visit the Panto it's really quite a stress reliever to laugh, clap, sing, shout out with the rest and basically return to your childhood for a few hours!

Have I converted you to visit Pantoland?
Go on, you know you want to!

I enjoyed it, can you tell? LOL
maz x

Friday, 12 December 2008

Carers issues Christmas song...

The campaign trail raising Carer issues goes on!

We were at a Carers lunch during the week and decided it was time for a song!
I thought I'd share it here so...

Don a Santa hat and sing-a-long...

A Carers Christmas song!

Tune: Walking in a winter wonderland!

Gordon Brown are you listening?
Carers needs you are missing.
We need some respite, to get a sleep at night.
Walking in a Carers troubled land.

If we could, get some respite,
On the net and book a cheap flight.
We’d sit in the sun and care for number one.
Walking in a Carers wonderland.

In the meadow we could build some day care,
where we could take our loved ones for the day.
If we had the funding we could do more
But for money we can only pray.

Gordon Brown are you listening?
Carers needs you’re still missing
Caring is tough and we don’t earn enough!
Walking in a Carers troubled land.
***Help us make a Carers Wonderland.

maz x

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Carers views needed to help...

Hi guys, if you are in Scotland and the person you care for has a Neurological condition please help if you can!

I received an email from NHS Scotland with details of the new draft on quality standards and I know, I know, it's 55 pages long but honestly reading the standards over about how things could and should be! brought it all back in a flash...

Poor Coo, we had such an awful time when he was last admitted to hospital.
It's such a pity all those lovely standards on how it should be were nowhere in sight then!

Regular visitors will know, Coo's seizures are fast and furious and all night long so an admission to the local General Hospital was always going to be difficult.

Comments from staff like:
* we can't cope with this!
*what's wrong with him!
and the worse one...
*is he always like that?
Were so hurtful for us both.
I'm afraid it took all the patience and energy I had, to ensure Coo was treated with dignity and care.
In the end, this could only be achieved by calling on Epilepsy Scotland and when all else failed going on holiday a la NHS and taking up residence there with him!

We spent two further weeks in hospital - (me on a recliner chair) - while Coo recuperated enough to come home.
It's a time I rarely speak of.
Honestly, holidaying on the NHS is not to be recommended - trust me - we know!!

So what prompted me this time?
Well, I'm so glad it looks like things will be improving at last and I'll follow with interest how these new 'standards' pan out.

So if you are in Scotland and you can spare the time take a peak...please!


maz x

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Carers Conference Glasgow...

Hi guys, I was up in the big city yesterday!
It was the annual Carers Scotland conference so up I went with 3 other Carers.

To be fair it was a real cold, frosty day but my gosh it was so cold inside the building the speakers put their gloves back on!
Now come on, I know there's a credit crunch but holy Moses, it was like sitting in the...

I felt, my fingers had frozen like captain Birdseye's and my nose was turning out as red as Rudolfs! LOL

Thank God at the break time there was some warming soup!

Back to business!

Suitably warmed from the soup, it was easier to listen to what was on offer as there was a speaker from TUNSTALL.
This company offer some help to support people living in their own homes for as long as they can.
Well, you might ask, what's so different about that?
Well, the solutions are all using Technology! you know, alarms and sensors and fancy pill boxes that let you know when it's time for meds.

I was quite impressed with some of their gizmos and gadgets so I'm going to have a looky-see for myself on there website.
Once we'd tried out some equipment and heard what Carers Scotland had been up to for the last year, it was time for some...pampering!

I had the choice of either going for a massage or trying some art therapy. You know me, I'll try anything once - well almost anything!LOL so I decided on the art therapy and it was BRILLIANT!

Glass Painting rules!!! LOL

It's so much fun and it's relaxing and best of get something to take home at the end of it!
How cool is that?

I bet you're wondering what I painted....picture window, fancy urn....large vase?
Nope! itty bitty tea light holders! LOL
They are by no means masterpieces but they are kinda cute and I made them!LOL
Well it was an enjoyable pass time I'd kinda like doing again so who knows, they say practice makes perfect!

On the way home, there was a German Market set up in the town!

It was just getting dark at this point and everything looked so pretty all lit up.
Bearing in mind how cold it was, I couldn't resist buying a new pink hat, the one I chose has a long section you wrap around as a scarf! Ha Ha I think it's a new version of buy one get one free! LOL

Anyways, Coo was fine while I was out, he and Looby spend a wee while in the park and went for a coffee!
I'm glad I went as I needed a bit of a break,the last few nights have been a bit hard going as Coo has a cold and we all know what that means - hard hat and flap jacket time!

Next up is our panto visit on Saturday, I hope I can keep Coo awake!
I think he'll be fine as in 'Pantoland' there's usually a lot of shouting and singing so even he would find it hard to sleep, well you'd think so, anyway here's hoping!
Fingers crossed!

maz x