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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Carers find their voice...

The march was a blast...not that you should use that word regarding a parliament visit - but it was! LOL

We left from the coast at 10 o'clock and arrived in at edinburgh at quarter past twelve.
The weather behaved, I'm so glad the sun came out as it made the march much more enjoyable!

Here's some can't miss me!
I'm the one in the eye-catching fashion combo...
Red Tartan and hi-vis yellow vest,

Making our way down the 'Royal Mile'

Well, I guess I was visible! LOL

Let's hope our government listens...

We are now officially youtube stars!LOL

Carers Speak

April 22nd is a date we now know,
That Carers took action and to Parliament did go!
Well Carers at last decided to speak.
To tell of their issues and the help they seek.

From all corners of the land,
They were at Parliament as planned.
It’s so sad they needed to take to the street.
To plead and inform all they could meet.

The question is will our government take heed,
of struggling Carers stressed and in need.
Who knows, we will see.
What will be will be,
but surely someone will help with this burden of theirs.
After all, dear Lord, there must be at least one who cares!

It’s a long hard fight and we’ll struggle on through.
Please remember Carers for it so could be you.

Maz x

Monday, 20 April 2009

Carers and the Parliament...

Hi guys!

My Carer group are gearing up for the visit to the Parliament.

Today we were making up our banners so everyone will know who we are - we're a shy lot really! LOL

Our own MSP (Irene Oldfather), won't be there on the day as she is in Brussells but we've found another one to step in and meet with us on the day so we'll be fine.

It was a bit of a panic though as without an MSP, people can't get any further than the foyer area so I'm glad we found someone else willing to lend a hand!

Well, our bus is booked and we found a driver willing to take us up to the capital so we are all set.

I am saying a few words and reading my poem.

I'm getting a wee bit jittery about speaking at the parliament but I'm ok...I'm sure it'll all be fine once I get going!LOL

The press and the T.V. people have agreed to cover the day in both Edinburgh and London so watch out on the news! maybe you'll see us all!

Incidently, we will be wearing tartan and our banners all say North Ayrshire, Three Towns Carers.

Good Luck to all who are marching and speaking out, we'll do it for those others who just can't get there themselves!
Wish us luck!

maz x

Friday, 10 April 2009

Back on the up...

Hi guys!
Coo's antibiotics are all finished and he seems to be back on the up thank goodness.
The seizures are still here but they're manageable so that's a bit of a bonus too.

I know for most Carers, one holiday period is pretty much the same as another.
Sometimes it can seem like just another day but I do hope you manage to enjoy Easter and at least pig out on some chocolate - I know I will! lol

In fact I've been rather naughty this year - I went to Thorntons
I could not resist one of their Easter eggs!

It was a chocolate and toffee one and the samples were...FAB!
I asked the lady to put both our names on it and if Coo plays his cards right, I just might share! LOL

I'm hopeful we'll get out for a bit over the weekend and guess what?

The sun's out too...woo hoo result!

Let's hope it lasts well at least till Sunday!

Happy Easter Chicks,

maz x

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Back in antibio-land...

Hi guys,
It's hard hat and flap jacket time again!
Coo's back in antibio-land.
We've avoided the dreaded antibiotics for 3 months this time but they've caught up again.
Here was me thinking the latest hassles Coo's experiencing were the last AED (anti epilepsy drug) kicking about his system but no - it's another infection.

It just shows how easy it can be to pin the blame on the wrong thing!
Never mind, at least now he should start to pick up.

I'm glad the sun's come out today as it always makes things feel a bit more positive!
I'm still hopeful we'll get out to the park at some stage this week so let's hope the nice weather lasts for a bit!

Sunshiney thoughts!

maz x