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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

That Carer roller-coaster ride...

Hi Guys, yet again we're on that roller coaster ride!
Coo's meds have been problematic this week and we're struggling, so it's hard hat and flap jacket time yet again!

Coo's Neuro told him to stop one of the AED's (anti Epilepsy Drugs) last month as there was not enough improvement to continue so he's been slowly dumping it since then. This week things have kicked in with a vengeance and poor Coo's suffering big time, during seizures, he's bitten his cheek, his tongue and now he's taken a bite out of his lip and can't eat.

I've phoned his Epilepsy nurse for some advice but meantime Coo's decided to up one of his other meds in the hope things will settle. He says he feels like he usually does when his meds are too low so maybe this is the answer...

I sure hope so! We could both do with a break and some sleep!

I'll be glad when Looby comes to stay tomorrow night as least I'll sleep and Coo? well, we'll just need to wait and see and keep an eye out for those toxic signs!

I sure hope things settle soon even a little bit would do!
maz x

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Carer's really do Campaign...

Hi Guys!
Well, we all survived the big meeting with the councillors and there was no blood on the carpet...just!
They did get a bit of a roasting though!

I was pleased to see some members of my own Disabled adults and Carer groups had made it there and they stood up for themselves too!
'What will happen to vital community groups like our Carer support group if the council close all the community centres?'
'Where will there be for vulnerable people to meet and support one another?'

I'm kinda glad the councillors got a bit of a grilling as services here (and I suspect everywhere else!) are being reduced, cancelled and closed and it's just not acceptable!

People really do need to speak out and here... they did! LOL
Over two hundred people came to the meeting and shared their views.
We live in a relatively small rural area so that's a whole lot of people from our community!

With five local councillors and four Parliamentary candidates there on the night, I only hope that they both listened and will now act to save some of our much needed community services!

A positive, campaigning, sock-it-to-them kinda maz!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Carer's campaign too...

Hi Guys,I've been busy this last few weeks pulling together a public meeting!
Well, I've always volunteered, helping to run my local Community Centre so when our council decided they wanted to close the areas 40 centres and halls over the next three years, I was less than impressed!

In between looking after Coo, I've been involved in a 'Save our Centres' campaign over the last few months and thankfully most of it's been managed from home! It has been a lot of work but I think it's important local people speak out when they're not happy about proposed changes that will affect them.

In our Community Centre, we host every kind of group you can think of! They range from groups for Carers, Adults with disabilities, After School Care and Pre-five creche's through to senior citizen bowling & sewing clubs and classes on just about anything from Art and Tai-chi to crafts, cookery and Internet shopping and we host the only cafe in that part of town so you can see it's a busy place!

Well, tomorrow night I'm in the hot seat! I'm chairing a public meeting with our five local councillors and M.P. so it should be interesting - we will see! LOL

I really feel, sometimes, we need to stand up for ourselves and I hope all our community come out, find their voice and more importantly our Councillors listen!

Wish me luck,
maz x

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Carers look after plants too!

Hi Guys! From the the title, I think you can guess what I've been up to today!
Just like Minnie...
I've been in the garden again pottering about! LOL
The weather has been lovely here, nice and sunny, not too hot but warm enough for T-shirts - woo hoo has summer come?

Remember I asked if the Easter bunny brings greenhouses?
Well, it seems Coo & Looby do! LOL
They popped out for a quick trip and came back with a greenhouse! Woo Hoo!
It's small and really more of a wee 'greenie' than a proper greenhouse but it's great and I love it!
So in between keeping an eye on Coo, who's still struggling a bit, dumping an AED med, I've been keeping myself busy out planting things! LOL

I got a mixed pack of seeds called grow your own Salsa at the local £-shop so it's all peppers, onions, corriander and jalapeno's I think it could, hot, hot!

It's been really cold and wet here recently so I hope the fine weather stays for a bit.
I've so enjoyed the feel of the sun on my face and having a bit of fun with the planting and I think, next, some time propped in a deckchair could be good! LOL

Sunny thoughts wherever you are!
maz x

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Vote for Carers...

Hi Guys, the peoples policies website, offers us all a chance to vote on up-to-the-minute issues and current affairs.
There are the usual vote for this and vote for that type of thing, there's everything from monkeys in the park to a whole range of social issues and among them a poll in support of unpaid Family Carers.

Family Carers are probably the most under-valued and under supported group in todays society so please take a minute to show your support.

Vote here: Better Support for unpaid Carers

So many Carers struggle and it's not only financially, some struggle more with the lack of services or even just finding somebody to talk to and share the caring load a bit!

Thanks so much for voting!
maz x

The sun comes out...

Hi Guys, no wellies today!
It seems the sun's been sent my way!
Ladythinker commented, she had some sunshine and hoped I'd get some voila!
Here it is and doesn't it make such a difference! LOL
Everyone's mood is lifted and people seem to smile more, well I think so anyway!

In the garden...
I've got out to pot up some more of my wee plants!
I'm not sure on the technical gardening term but the last lot of seedlings are now out of the propagator and into wee individual pots! Woo hoo!
Let's just hope the frost stays away and they survive the next hurdle of Maz's gardening plan! Speaking of which, I've still got to work out exactly what they all are and maybe even what the plan is! LOL

It was such a nice day, even the dogs were getting in on the planting act! LOL

I just hope they don't decide to start digging 'em all out again!

I've been taking things a bit easier and staying close to home again this week as Coo's still coping with his AED's (Anti Epilepsy Drugs) changes. Thankfully he's still doing ok. His seizures are pretty much static at 10-ish a day and while not easy, it's a managable level, well...compared to the 30 a day at his worst point it is! LOL

I'm glad the sun's here at last, let's hope it stays around for a wee bit! We sure could do with it's warmth and the happy, feel good mood, it brings along too!

Sunny thoughts and wishes,
maz x

Saturday, 10 April 2010


Hi Guys, Well, I already knew I liked blogging and it turns out lots of others do too - thank Goodness I'm not alone! LOL
Anyways, I decided to take the Blog addict quiz and guess what?
Looks like...
Blog Addiction quiz
60% addicted to blogging!

Nah...I don't think I'm addicted at all!
I just happen to be a Carer at home a lot - especially when Coo's poorly and blogging is a window to an outside world and anyways,I enjoy the company around here!

Keep Blogging!
maz x

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Carer's lot and plants to pot!

Hi guys, things have been pretty settled this week!

Coo's still on half doses of keppra one of his AED's (anti epilpesy drugs) and seems to be coping ok with the changes - thankfully. It's always a worry as things can fairly quickly, spiral out of control. We've been lucky this time, apart from some erratic sleep patterns I can honestly say, Coo's doing ok at around 10 seizures a day!

In the garden...
Well, it has been sooo wet over the last few days that I haven't got a thing done at all and I had such high hopes - bearing in mind I'm no Charlie Dimmock and really just a beginner! LOL
I'm pretty sure there's still plenty of time yet for planting and with a sometimes, troublesome shoulder (due to years of caring), it's probably just as well the rain's called a halt!

I'm really in no hurry and just enjoying the pottering about bit!
Although, I did manage to pick-up two wee fruit bushes cheap!
A gooseberry and a black currant one from the local £-shop!

***Hopefully we'll have some of these tasty treats this summer!***

Maybe even make some lovely jam!
I can almost taste it, only one problem...
I need to grow 'em first! LOL
With that thought in mind, in between the showers and Coo's seizures of course, I've been out and planted them! LOL

You know, I always thought gardening was all hard work.
I felt I'd be too tired after being up all night coping with Coo's seizures but you know what?
It's's really quite good for you and I can honestly say it's giving me a lot of unexpected pleasure!

Let's all hope for some sunny weather,
even just a dry day would be nice! LOL

With love from my garden to yours,
A rather wet and muddy, welly wearing maz!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter eggs...

Hi guys, I hope you got a nice egg for Easter and if's a nice piccy instead and they look good enough to eat! LOL
Well, in reply to my last post...Easter bunnies do not bring greenhouses, more's the pity! LOL
I guess it's back to the drawing board on that one!

I used to love Easter when we had little ones running around, all chocolate, pretty silver foil and mess! Where as now, while still a nice family's all dignified and Sunday lunchy! LOL
I remember the fun of years ago, out rolling eggs in the park, usually in wellies and raincoats as Easter weather here is a bit notorious!LOL

It is nice to get together for dinner but I do kinda miss, little Easter chocolatey hand prints and wee mucky wellie boots all over the place...funny enough, I don't remember being that keen on either of them at the time! LOL

Now, something I do remember - I had two wee lopp eared bunnies just like these!

Happy Easter or should that be...
You guessed it...Hoppy Easter!

I do hope you had a nice time!
Happy Days!
maz x