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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Carers, Self Directed Support, Parliament and 'the bucket man'

Hi guys I've not blogged much recently.
My fingers still hurt pretty badly with the rheumatoid issues and I've not found software that works for me - I guess they software companies haven't mastered understanding the Scottish west coast dialect...yet! lol
So just what's been happening? 
Well, Coo took a bit of a tumble last month, he had some major seizure activity, his blood drug levels were off the scale again and in the end a chest infection was to blame!
We dug out the hard hats and flak jackets, waited out the storm and just hung on in there and after a week back in anti-bio-land, things slowly improved...yeah, he's back on the up and it was just in time!

The Hydro and the Bucket man...
Thanks to our SDS (Self Directed Support) care package, Coo and I managed to cross something big off our bucket list! We were so excited about this one and it couldn't have come at a better time! We had both been so poorly recently and it was a bit touch and go but there was no way we were gonna miss the chance to see Jean Michel Jarre on his one night only spectacular show at the Hydro in Glasgow (bet he's not been called a bucket man before!
What a night! What music! What a show!
We had an awesome time! Can you tell? Ok, we had to take things easy, plan and prepare and build in some rest times too but we did it! woo hoo!
Care & Support North Ayrshire
 SDS is so brilliant! When it works, it works really well and has the potential to transform lives. Things that previously were just not possible and seemed far out of reach become that much more achievable and can make lives meaningful again - it can truly be the difference between existing and living!

So just how else does SDS support both Carer and people with disabilities? 
Well, on to my wee jaunt up to Edinburgh for the Carers Parliament, our SDS funding covers the cost of replacement care and effectively frees me up to go and do things that are important to and for me!
Like speaking at the Carers Parliament, presenting at a conference and joining with others at Carers Scotland or even a wee day away on my own for a bit of respite and if it's possible to make sure our Carer voices are heard too...then job's a good 'un!

I truly believe it's only by really working together we can ever get things right for Carers and Self Directed Support is only the first step but it can be a big leap in the right direction!
Maz x