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Sunday, 10 March 2019

Blogging, caring, surviving & SDS too

Hi guys, it's been a while since I've blogged, things have changed but I'm pretty much ok!
Things got complicated, I got ill, Coo stayed much the same and I took on more responsiblity with supporting my dad...phew!
Who carers for the carer?
Well, the short answer is usually nobody rushes in to pick up the care load when you - the carer - is ill and that is pretty much an awful position to be in - we've been there before and it's no fun that's for sure but this time it was different!
Our SDS (Self Directed Support) kicked in pretty much seamlessly, Looby came to stay for a few days while I recovered (I had a chest infection that didn't go and kicked off the rheumatoid issues!). What a difference it made to concentrate on getting better and not on worrying about just how we'd cope and I'd keep on caring for Coo. I just hope other carers give SDS a chance as when it works well, it can be life changingly good!
While things have been so busy and stressed these last few months, I've stayed in contact with my local carer group.

Honestly when it comes to finding support, local groups are really the first port of call. Willing to share information and friendship, they can be such a Godsend in times of struggle so if you haven't already, look one up and give them a go! What have you got to lose?

Coo's seizure activity is still, how shall I put it...challenging.
We recently found out he has some ongoing white cell and hemoglobin issues so yet more referrals, hospitals and hassles in store!
Main thing is we're alive and kicking, not giving up anytime soon and still smiling!
You keep strong and we'll both keep rolling with the punches!
((hugs)) Maz x