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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Edible gardening...

Hi guys, we had dinner from the garden again tonight and don't the potatoes look tasty!

They are red King Edwards and with some lovely butter, grated cheese and a fresh picked honey mustard salad they were sweet and tasted really great!

Come to think of it, with those rosey skins, they look a bit like apples don't they!

I never really thought about it before but I guess that's probably why the French call them apples from the ground! lol

At the minute there's the King Edwards and an assortment of salad potatoes on the go. The carrots and peas are still going strong too and there's loads of mixed salad leaves as well so at least we won't starve, well not this week anyway! lol

I can't wait! Next it'll be fruit! yeah bramble jam!
and... both Coo and I looooove beetroot so there's plenty for pickling!

A happy, contented and kinda stuffed to burst with potaotes and peas!
maz x

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