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Sunday, 24 October 2010

On the Campaign trail again...

Hi guys remember last time I hit the campaign trail?
Check me out at the front with my tartan and hi-vis yellow fashion combo! LOL

We'll I've been at it again...

I really feel we all have to stand up and be counted sometimes and I hope the Local Authorities see sense and do so before the communities are destroyed!

maz x

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Hi guys! I've been putting off some much needed redecoration for quite some time and decided today was the day!

I really hate all the upheaval that comes along with even a little decorating job so that and the fact paint fumes make Coo ill means we wait as long as we can before using any paint in the house.
This time though the ceiling and woodwork really needed a touch up so off we went to buy paint.

I'm really please, I found a new low odour water based gloss with practically no nasty smell so I'm hoping Coo will cope ok this time! Anyways, he pitched in and helped paint too so a few hours later (well maybe more than a few!) and a little bit frazzled around the edges too we were all done! Woo Hoo!

I asked our son what he thought as he wandered through and he said..."well, it's much the same isn't it!" I said noooooo it's nice and clean, his repy...'Oh right' is there any more soup left - typical!

Sometimes I wonder why I bother but at least I know it's been painted and I'm quite please we got around to it - at last!

Now what to make over next?
I've still got loads of paint left! LOL

maz x

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Just keep 'harping' on...

Hi guys, anyone ever tried playing one of these?

I'm not really musical at all but I always wanted to learn to play an instument and liked the autoharp sound so I decided to give it a bash!
I looked all around, on Ebay too. I made up my mind and it took some time too as they're not cheap and I don't usually send that much on me! LOL
Anyway, in the end Coo decided we'd buy me one for my birthday and I've been tootling away ever since.
I love it!

As a Carer, I need to spend a lot of time at home when Coo's poorly so I've found (with a bit of trial and error!) lot's of things to do to keep me occupied and motivated.

From jewellery, soap, jam and even fudge making to sewing, knitting and weaving! believe me, in my quest to stay sane, while stuck in, I've tried 'em all and I admit, at times, with varying degrees of success! LOL

There are only so many hours Television can amuse you and then your brain seems to hurt or what's worse switch off all together...well, mine does anyway!

So when Coo's asleep it's the quieter pastimes and crafts and when he's not? It's harping time! LOL
I'm really please I've picked it up so quickly, I'm certainly no maestro but I'm not too terrible either! LOL
It probably helps that Coo is musical and I'm finding, sometimes while I'm playing, he'll reach for his guitar and join in too and that's when it's most fun!

so I'll bid you a 'happy harping' and a smiley cheerio for now!
maz x

Friday, 8 October 2010

Raggedy edged Carers...

Hi guys!
The dumpling tasted lovely!
Coo wasn't too keen but he's not really a 'cake' person so I wasn't offended - all the more for me! LOL

Being a Carer is never what you'd call easy. I think, sometimes it kinda feels like you just lurch from one crisis to another and this week has been one of those weeks!

It's been a bit of a struggle with Coo.
He's had lots of seizures this week so we're both feeling a bit raggedy around the edges! LOL

We're having some problems getting coo's new meds and that's added to the stress. It's turned into a bit of a saga...the Neurologist decided he'd like Coo to try another new drug and things seemed to be going along fine, well that was until our GP decided he didn't want to prescribe the drug! We're still sitting in limbo while they mull over who's responsible for prescribing and monitoring new drugs!

I can see why there's a bit of an issue, it is a new drug but it seems nobody wants to take any responsibility. Meanwhile Coo and I are waiting around and things aren't getting any better!

Hopefully, they will work it out sooner rather than later and then, we can at least try the drug in question and find out if indeed it'll help Coo.
What a medical mess - I hope they sort it out soon!

I suddenly remembered an old lady I used to visit who always said 'it's a great life if you don't weary' and she's right!'s hoping we all don't weary! LOL

maz x

Monday, 4 October 2010

Anyone for dumpling today?

Hi guys, I've always loved dumpling, especially in cold weather with my feet up (when I can!) and a...nice wee cup of tea! LOL

I would never have attempted to make it the old fashioned 'clootie' way my mum and granny did, all that mixing and boiling in a cloth!
With a troublesome shoulder, it would've been just too much stress with all the mixing involved! Anyways, my mum, gave me a microwave recipe for dumpling and it seems pretty easy so with my......mixing bowl at the ready...I'm giving it a bash right now!LOL

I'll let you know how it tastes once it's cooled enough to try. I must say it sure smells nice! LOL and here's a wee taster of how it should look! Mmmmm

Caring is never easy, I find my concentration is a bit impaired recently and I'm tired too. It's difficult to pin point if it's just the heavy load at the moment or if it's the general 'low' feeling a lot of people get as the colder weather begins to draw in.

Yet another afternoon spent amusing myself while Coo is poorly and asleep. I only wish he had the energy to join in a little.
Never mind though, the main thing is we're both ok and I remain hopeful better days are coming!

Hope you're ok where you are too!
maz x