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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Carers health, Consultations and caring...

Hi guys, what a busy time it's been but where to start!
Ok, I've not been blogging recently as my finger hurt too much. I'm still coming to terms and struggling with pain and rheumatoid issues.
I seem to be bouncing from one appointment to another be it University Hospital Crosshouse, Ayrshire Central or even the latest onslaught... podiatry at Biggart!
Coo seems to be helping me almost as much as I help him now but we're coping - life has a way of just going on and finding a way doesn't it?
New Social Security System...
Anyways I'm keeping busy as always! Lol...I've been working with the Scottish Parliament again, this time it's around Scotland's new Social Security system  -incidently I  like the shift away from calling it 'Welfare'  I campaigned for that as I've never liked that term, it has too many negatives attached to it now!
Being a Carer rep. on our Health and Social Care Partnership, I agreed to be involved with this Consultation as I honestly feel it's just so important that Carers voices are heard...we are at the sharp end and if this is going to work real people who have both good and bad experience of the current system need to be involved and share how things really are out there!
Will it make a difference? 
I sure hope so...
Carers are not unemployed! We're very much employed working harder, longer hours and in most cases with very little support! There must be a better way and we must all help build it!

Coo's still struggling with seizure activity, its like we're stuck on that roller coaster ride and no sooner do things begin to settle but we're off again! At least we have help with our SDS (Self Directed Support) in place so even though I'm  feeling poorly with the RA symptoms I'm still getting some much needed sleep and keeping going too. Without this much needed support things would be a whole lot worse that's for sure!

Take care and stay strong.
Maz x