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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

3 H's...Carers Health, DWP Hassles and Hanging on in there...

Hi guys, hope you've had a happy Christmas and are still feeling some Christmas cheer!

We've had some fun here!
We managed out to Coo's sister Diane's for Christmas dinner with all the family and we both had a lovely time too even with those 3 H's I mentioned in the mix we still managed to share some fun and laughter and just forget about things for a wee while!
#H1...Carers health well...
I've not been blogging much, typing still hurts and my pain levels are awful at the moment. I'm gutted my mobility is now effected, my ankles and knees are the worst and I kinda waddle like a duck at the moment but the feet splint thingies from NHS Ayrshire & Arran's Podiatry services are helping a little so every cloud! lol I'm still hoping things will improve and all the pills and jabs every week will come good in the end!
#H2...The dreaded DWP Hassle!
Oh no! This really has been total hell to deal with and at this time of year too - a happy Christmas kick from the Department of Works & Pensions! Now, don't get me wrong, I totally get why people need to be assessed to see if they are indeed ill and entitled to some financial help making it easier to manage their disability but I don't understand (and I don't think DWP do either!), the knock on effect the current system has for disabled people and their Carers!
So just what has gone wrong?
Well the 'invitation to change over from DLA to PIP' that one you just can't refuse! Came in the post.Within 48 hours, Coo's seizure activity flew right off the scale!
 It's been a very trying time for us both.
While Coo remains so stressed, we have been unable to stabilise his seizures so we're basically stuck at home for the time being but at least we're busy! Between filling in a 50 page PIP form (with arthritic painful hands I might add!), photocopying forty pages of seizure diary info and another forty odd pages of Coo's assessment of needs, next the power of attorney papers and lastly his ten page registration info from our doctors surgery, it's been tough!
#H3...Hanging on in there...
We're hoping by giving them all the information they need, maybe, just maybe, sense will prevail and Coo and I will be spared the further stress of a face to face interview. Past experience sadly tells us this attempt could be unsuccessful but we can but try! Who knows, they may listen!
One thing is for sure, we must stick together, shout loud when they get it wrong and ultimately, we must find a better way than the soul destroying system we have now. It's expensive to administer, ineffective and so unnecessary in so many cases!
I just hope for us, it all ends sooner rather than later and if you're currently in the same boat please find someone to take a turn and help you paddle!
Stay strong.
Maz x