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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sunny hello on a not so sunny day...

Hi guys! Things have been a wee bit hectic!

Coo's still very sleepy and we've been more at home again this last week so...I've been busy pottering around in my wee greenie and guess what? There's an tiny wee tomato on my one and only tumbling tiger plant! Result - well start of a result, let's not count the chickens yet! lol

It's been really wet and windy weather here again so the garden still needs a tidy up but until it all dries out, it'll just need to wait!
I'm glad I finally got my green house though. It's allowed me to be able to still potter around even if the weather is a bit nasty!

So, in between keeping an eye on Coo and potting up my plants...I've managed to dig out my loom again too - well I like to keep busy hadn't you noticed! LOL

I think weaving's kinda cool!
I tend to pick it up when the Caring's a bit on the stressful side and it's soothing and makes me smile so it must be good for me!

This time, I'm going to be trying out some patterns for baby blankets ( another happy post for another day!).
Having no little people in our family for a long time and not having made any baby things before, I'll let you know how things pan out!

Keep smiling,
Maz x

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Carers day out...

Hi Guys, things are still a little difficult here at the minute.
Coo's still very sleepy and that only means yet more seizures.

We're ok, we're still hanging on in there!
I think it's the bloods and the AED (anti epilepsy drug) see-saw effect is with us yet again. I'm sure they levels are too high and the next tests are not due till next week - I guess time will tell!

Mean time, we've been living quiety at home, well...that's apart from the wee while out I managed to snatch on Monday! lol
My wee Carer group had arranged a walk and some lunch (we're trying to keep fit!). Anyway, the sun came out and it was a great couple of hours away!

Spending time with other Carers always raises a smile.
We all have such different caring roles but the thing is, we all understand and I guess that's where the bond is!

Back to the wee day out...
Bearing in mind, my wee green house and recent plant growing efforts, guess where we went?
...On a short coastal walk and some lunch in a garden centre cool or what! lol

The treacle scones were wonderful!
You know what? If I close my eyes...I can almost taste 'em all over again! lol

Lastly, a saw some of these...
Now, aren't they the most unusual tomatoes you ever saw - I thought they were anyway!
I brought a couple of wee plants home with me!
You didn't think I left them there on the self did you and at 99p they were a bargain! lol

Hope you're having some fun where you are too - keep smiling!
Maz x

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Carers care for herbs too...

Hi guys, Coo's been poorly this week, he has a temperature and has been very tired so there's been a lot of seizures.
So, while keeping an eye on things...I've been keeping myself busy pottering around the garden.

After a real nasty start this morning (monsoon style!), this afternoon turned out sunny and bright! woo hoo!
You can probably guess what I've been upto and if not -
Here's a I've been sorting out the new herb bed!
All those seeds I planted earlier and then popped in the green house are at last ready to go it alone in the garden! Yeah!

It's looking good and I think when Coo wakes up, he'll be surprised at the change!

Now, let's hope for some nice sunny weather to help them along a little!
Maz x

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Paras over the Barras...

Hi Guys, guess what? I've been to the theatre in Glasgow and it was brilliant!
I went with my mum and what a real fun day out it was too!
We saw...
It's a comedy set in Glasgow during wartime and it's one of those shows that's both funny and touching all at the same time!
I really enjoyed it...can you tell? LOL

Coo's still a bit poorly, we're waiting for yet more blood test results. It seems we're either waiting to test or get results these days.
Anyway, our son was at home with Coo as Looby was busy yesterday. I'm so glad things can be sorted and I can get out sometimes as I needed a bit of a time out and a giggle, so did my mum and 'Paras over the Barras' sure did the trick!

Maz x