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Sunday, 10 January 2016

When the Carer is ill...

Hi guys, I'm checking in and updating just what's been going on!
Firstly excuse my tardiness... Happy New Year!

We had a lovely Christmas Coo and I despite health struggles for us both (we spent Christmas eve in Glasgow's Southern General) and have since been living quietly at home.
I'm beginning to find out just what does happen when the Carer is ill and it's not easy that's for sure!
For one thing the caring continues, the person you care for doesn't just magically improve just because you find yourself on the other side of the caring equation for a change! That said, well, somehow you both try to adjust and then begins a process of prioritising, just what needs to be done and what can be left for another day and there in lies the rub!

So just what happened?
Okay, the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome developed and hurt...then made way for another syndrome of De Quervains and then made way for yet another and the long and the short of it is, after seven months I did get to see a surgeon who promptly called for more tests and threw the third and final diagnosis into the mix...
Rheumatiod Arthritis! 
My wrist, hand and arm is now totally swollen, it's been in splints and a sling since October and to top it all, I'm using more pain meds and steroids than I even thought possible and still it hurts!
I was hopeful this was a temporary issue but as time has continued and one months followed another, I'm beginning to feel this is not going away anytime soon. So what now?

Coo is coping with the changes, well, he's doing okay...he's stressed, struggling and trying so desperately to help me too, I guess we're kinda helping each other with care just in so many very differing ways!
Thankfully, we still have a supportive care package in place. The SDS (Self Directed Support), means we have some help, I'm still getting some sleep each week and a bit of time out too so it's kinda acting like the proverbial glue holding things together and keeping us going for now.

I've not totally given up the hope it'll all work out in the end - I guess it's the Carer spirit kicking in, that little bit of you that murmurs in the dark that everything will be okay.

Stay strong and use the supports you find around you as will I!
Maz x