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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Hard hat and flak jacket time...

Well, it's yet again been a very difficult week. It's what I call hard hat and flak jacket time!

Carers never have it easy do they?

Coo is poorly and it's been a very worrying time. His seizures have yet again sky-rocketed off the planet for no real reason and it's been so very difficult to manage.

During the daytime he is awake in the afternoons, he's pretty good and he's my lovely Coo but then he tires and falls sleep, well, then it's bedlam - seizure city and very hard on us both.

He's nursing muscle and limb pain and his poor cheeks and tongue are bitten to shreds! I'm clinging fast to hope that tomorrow's blood results will shed some light on what is happening and maybe find a little improvement.

Please God, send a rainbow to cheer things...

One like this would be nice!

Wish us luck!

I hope things are on a more even keel where you are!

maz x

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