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Friday, 3 February 2017

Fabby Feb, SDS, Carers Advisory and raising the Carer voice!

Hi guys, I just turned around and January was all gone's to a fabby Feb!
Here's a clue...

 Oh dear...
Between Coo and I, we've been racking up hospital appointments!
Typically for January, the cold weather came bringing with it, the coughs, sneezes and seizure increases too. In between appointments, jabs, pills and potions (for us both!), we just pretty much kept warm and got on with things at home.

Now we've entered February, Coo's feeling back on the up again and that can only be good news for us both!
Caring is such a balancing act especially in winter, add into the mix some health issues of your own and it can be a bit of a hard time all around.
It's at times like these, it's so very important to have some proper's the difference between drowning and struggling to safety and survival! For me, it means, I've still managed to get out and keep some interests away from home. Before we had SDS (Self Directed Support) in place, things were very different and I was stuck at home trying to hold it all together and struggling along for what seemed like ages! just what is so different?

Well, for one thing, I made it out for coffee and some support with the Three Towns Carers, now that might not sound much but support from other Carers who understand is crucial!
I also got along to the latest Carers Advisory meeting to discuss Health and Social Care developments and our 'Carers Appreciation Card' and I made it up to Edinburgh, meeting up with Carer reps from all over Scotland!
Without the flexibility and freedom of SDS this would just not have been possible! I would have been still stuck at home and I'd not have done my bit in making sure Carers voices are heard!

Keep strong and keep going as will I!
Maz x