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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Pear Trees who knew!

Hi Guys, I went to buy a fruit tree and bought really nice wee pear tree but when I got it home it turns out it doesn't produce fruit!

Confused? I was! LOL

Apparently, some pear trees need a friend or they can't grow fruit! Now come on, is it just me or would you think pear trees can make pears...yeah thought so! LOL

Anyways, a quick info check with my favourite search engine and it's true some pear trees are sterile, they need a pal to work and here's the technical bit it's called cross pollination - who knew! I certainly didn't!

It's for my greenhouse and as I don't have room for a pal, said, cute wee pear tree had to be taken back and swapped for a...

...niffty wee peach tree that can go it alone instead! LOL

Coo's been poorly and asleep today so he's no idea I've exchanged the pear tree! I wonder if he'll notice the difference!
Decisions...decisions, should I come clean or just wait and act surprised when the fruit appears! lol

Let's hope everything in the garden's Peachy!
Maz x

Monday, 25 April 2011

It's up! lol

Hi Guys, my wee greenhouse is up and raring to go and it's just as well as my propagator was beginning to burst at the seems! lol

I don't know who the company were talking about when they said allow 1 day for construction.
Coo and I took five days in total! Mind you we were taking our time and doing only a few hours each day but it was hard pretty going and the instructions sure were a puzzle!

None of the picture diagrams made any sense at all!
In the end youtube saved the day as some clever person had uploaded videos about how to build it and thank goodness for that!

All's well that ends well - my wee greeny is up and running and my wee plants are already happily getting used to their new home!
Now...decisions, decisions...
Happy days and (((hugs)))
Maz x

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

All the seasons in one day...

Hi guys! Well, we've had all the seasons in one day - from sun in the morning to rain in a down pour and then chilly wind blowing!

I've not managed to even start on my wee greenhouse yet but I'm sure things will improve soon. Meanwhile, my propogator is in full swing with lot's of wee plants nearly ready to put in their own pots now!

It's fun growing your own!
I think it kinda completes the circle a bit if you know what I mean.
Rather than just popping into the supermarket and picking up supplies, to actually grow things from seed, I think is pretty amazing!
Do you think I've caught the growing bug? LOL

Yet again, I forgot to mark exactly what seeds were where in the propagator so I'll have to just let them grow and see what pops up! Now, I know there's herbs, peas, beans, squash, peppers and a whole load of salad leaves all mixed in there somewhere and I guess it'll be fun working them all out...eventually! lol

Let's hope for some sunny days for greenhouse building!

I'll just amuse myself harping instead!

Maz x

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Growing fun, hope for sun...

Hi guys, I'm so excited!


I don't know about you but I'm really indecisive when it comes to buying something expensive and especially if it's just for me so I thought about it for a few weeks, couldn't make my mind up and deliberated with the 'do I really need this' talk too!

After much deliberation and a hundred will I...won't I's, Coo took the decision in the end and pressed the button to order this...!

Guess what? Yesterday my wee greenhouse arrived! Woo Hoo!

Now i just need Coo to be well enough and the sun to shine for a few days so it can be erected!

Wish us luck with that one!
Maz x

Sunny days...

Hi Guys, the sunny weather is back for a bit and...'s brought all the wee flowers with it too! woo hoo!
I've been so enjoying the warmer weather and pottering in the garden!

Coo's been poorly again, his blood test results are up 'n' down like a yoyo at the minute so he's been struggling to stay awake and stave off the seizures.
Main thing is we're hanging on in there and we're still doing ok!

I must admit though, just to feel a wee bit of the sun's warmth on my face is such a bonus, it's given me a bit of a boost!

I sure hope the sun sticks around for a wee while as I could use the wee bit cheer it usually brings along with it.

Happy thoughts,
Maz x