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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Back in Anti-bio land...

Hi guys, first day out this week and it's to the...doctors surgery! woo hoo While not my favourite venue, it is out non the less and beggers can't be choosers! lol

Coo has an infection so we're back on the Anti-biotics yet again!
We saw a different doctor this time and he seemed very nice, thankfully Coo felt comfortable with him so things went ok.

I'm digging out my hard hat and flak jacket again to cope with the usual seizure increase that always comes along with an infection never mind adding the antibiotics and anti-inflammatories into the mix too.
I think it could be a difficult few days, thank goodness for the seizure alarms, it's times like these they are most useful!

Meanwhile, I'm still battling with the awful cold Coo shared with me too! lol Thank God, I think I'm over the worst of it now and just in time for this latest onslaught!

Wish us luck - I hope you're doing ok where you are and I hope too, you're avoiding the coughs and sneezes!
Maz x

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Carers and colds...

Hi guys, you've guessed it from the title...Coo's shared his cold!

My oh my we're in a bit of a fix - I've now gone down with Coo's cold. Thank God I don't have his complications though, he was up seizing every twenty minutes last night so we're both a bit shattered today and that was before the winter chills decided to pitch up for a visit with me!

Don't worry things could be worse!
Luckily Coo's kinda over the worst of things just as I'm coming down with the chills and general aches!  I've doubled up on the inhalers and started the pain relief for all those aches and pains that just make having a cold such a right pain - literally! lol

I'm pretty sure I'll kick things fairly quickly...
so meantime I'm just, taking it easy, sipping hot lemonade and keeping cosy under a wee blanket!

Let's hope it all goes away soon and normal business is resumed! lol
Maz x

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Coughs 'n' sneezes...

Hi guys, coughs and sneezes spread diseases says the old rhymn...

They certainly do!
Coo has a cold, well, at least, I think that's what is wrong!
He's very wheezy and chesty and he has a temperature and there's an increase in sleepiness and seizure activity today. Odds on it's a cold coming! We've doubled up on his inhalers, popped some pills to help with the temperature and have been keeping inside in the warmth for the last few days in the hope things will settle down.

Poor Coo, it's not much fun today for either of us I'm afraid!

Seizures while his lung capacity is compromised are always a worry but when you're poorly, you really need to sleep and with Coo that means yet more seizures! He's been pretty much sleepy and seizing, on and off all day and he's phlegmy too.
The vomiting seizures are back with us tonight - and that's a worry! I honestly find them the scariest of all, especially after the Aspiration Pneumonia of a few years ago, he struggled with that nightmare for months - we both did and it was terrible!

We'll get some bloods done, hopefully tomorrow and check the white cells for infection and...
Just stay positive that things will improve soon!

Just the other day, I remarked to another Carer, that chest infection time was fast approaching but I didn't realise it was actually here with us already!
It really must be Flu jab time soon too!

Never mind, so far I've avoided catching Coo's cold so chin up and onwards and upwards! lol
I hope you're cosy where you are and you're avoiding the cold bugs too!
Maz x

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Carers group...

Hi guys, my wee Carer group are meeting tomorrow.
It's always good to spend time with other Carers don't you think?

Just what's on the horizon for us this time?

Well, another Carer is coming to speak with me about our SDS - our new care-package set-up. She's considering going with the more personalised way of providing care for her family and needs some more info. before taking things further.
It can be scary going with SDS or setting up a Direct Payment for the first time and I guess other Carers who have been there and bought the T-shirt, are the ones to ask how it really is aren't they!

Here, there seems to be some money from the NHS available surrounding Carers and nutrition so there's a food worker coming along tomorrow too! We'll see how this could fit in with our group, maybe some cooking on a budget? or healthy alternatives? Who knows, I think we'll just see what they can offer and take it from there!

Sometimes it's just the chance to have a cuppa and a wee chat, even just offering a wee bit of support to one another and kinda checking in to make sure we're all still surviving and nobody's in meltdown this month!

I hope you're enjoying a wee cuppa where you are too!

Chin up and keep strong!
Maz x

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Time out days...

Hi Guys, it's been fun today!

Coo had some time out with Stevie - golfing what else!
When he's well enough, Coo likes to get out on the course for a wee while so while the boys went out to play Looby, Mum and I were what are commonly known as... 'ladies what lunch'! lol

It's good to have some free time to wander around and linger over a wee cuppa sometimes isn't it! It's the simple things that most people just take for granted as part of every day life, that Carers miss so much and find so precious whenever they do get the chance  - I know I do!

The new SDS care-package still seems to be going well!
I'm relieved to say, after the initial RAS (resource allocation system) hassles, there's been no further hic-ups so far! I'm still confident it really was the right way to go and the additional flexible funding is starting to make a difference for us.
We've had some benefits already, some time out and access to respite too but I think the main benefit I've found so far, is the lessening of stress that comes from just knowing the funding is there to draw upon when we need it and that's a very different feeling from what we've been used to for such a very long time!

I really feel this SDS personalised way of providing care and support has real potential to improve the quality of life for Carers and can't wait till they roll it for everyone!

We're doing ok and hope you're good where you are too!
Maz x

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Hi guys, I've been away for a few days respite - woo hoo!

Mum and I usually go away for a few days at this time of year to Blackpool! It just so happens that last weekend was the big Blackpool illumination switch on and...we were there! lol

The sun shone during the day and the lights shine all night - how cool is that! lol

We stayed in the Royal Seabank Hotel again and it didn't disappoint! We had brilliant meals, friendly staff, a lovely room with a real cosy bed and (for me!) best of all...lots and lots of sleep! lol

Most peoples idea of holidays is to let off some steam and stay up late but in my position it's kinda the opposite! lol
On my holiday, I like to potter around at leisure, go where and when I fancy, have lots of tea and cake and...sleep...usually as much as I can! lol

Never the less, I shopped till I dropped, lingered cake-eating in tea-shops and slept like a baby all weekend and it was great!
Thank goodness for our Direct Payment!
It pays for the replacement care from Looby, while I get a rest and honestly, I'd now be so very lost without it! I still remember the times when I was crying out for a break and had no support and thank God those days have truly gone.

In reality, the D.P. means, I now can have a complete break away and a good rest too as I know Coo will be just fine when Looby takes over! By all accounts, everything went well while I was gone, Coo and Looby enjoyed some days out too and I've come back nice and relaxed a good 'un! lol

I'm home now and well rested and I hope you're having a bit of an easier time where you are too!
Maz x