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Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Hi guys! I've been putting off some much needed redecoration for quite some time and decided today was the day!

I really hate all the upheaval that comes along with even a little decorating job so that and the fact paint fumes make Coo ill means we wait as long as we can before using any paint in the house.
This time though the ceiling and woodwork really needed a touch up so off we went to buy paint.

I'm really please, I found a new low odour water based gloss with practically no nasty smell so I'm hoping Coo will cope ok this time! Anyways, he pitched in and helped paint too so a few hours later (well maybe more than a few!) and a little bit frazzled around the edges too we were all done! Woo Hoo!

I asked our son what he thought as he wandered through and he said..."well, it's much the same isn't it!" I said noooooo it's nice and clean, his repy...'Oh right' is there any more soup left - typical!

Sometimes I wonder why I bother but at least I know it's been painted and I'm quite please we got around to it - at last!

Now what to make over next?
I've still got loads of paint left! LOL

maz x

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