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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Carer's Christmas song...

Hi Guys!

Well, it is that time of year yet again! LOL goes!

When you’re a Carer (sung to: Frosty the snowman!)

When you’re a Carer
You need to keep on top.
You’re a doctor, nurse and chemist too,
Everything seems left to you.

When you’re a Carer
Forget about your own life.
It’s second place, if you’ve got space,
muddled in with all the strife.

(Change tune!)
It’s thanks to other Carers
That we manage to stay sane.
It’s only other Carers who,
can understand the strain!

When you’re a Carer
Strength is needed too.
A helping hand and a smile or two
And the Carers sail on through!

My little Carer group sang this last week to entertain other Carers!

Sending some happy Christmassy thoughts your way!

maz x