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Friday, 30 July 2010

Back on the drug see-saw...

Hi guys, sadly, Coo's poorly again.
We're back o that up-and-down drug see-saw again.

Coo had his blood tests done yesterday and the first we knew of a problem was an emergency call from the NHS 24 service (out of hours doctors services).

It turns out Coo's blood drug level was in the toxic zone this time. The safe scale is 10 - 20 points and Coo was 26! It's been high before but not that high for a while.
Anyways, the emergency doctors advised he needed to reduce his dose straight away, so we did! Sadly the knock on effect is we're back in seizure city yet again and we're struggling.

I'm really greatful the doctors were so quick on the ball and phoned us right away rather than sending the results back to our own surgery as at least this way we've avoided further problems for Coo and probably another hospital admission too!

I'm clinging hard to hopes that things settle soon and hope things are easier where you are!

Take care and chin up!

maz x


accidental carer said...

Hope things improve for you both Maz. It is difficult holding your breath waiting for the next stage. So glad that the medical response was swift- good to hear that these days take care and hold on x

maz said...

Thanks, it's so much easier to cope, knowing people are thinking of and supporting us!
maz x