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Monday, 19 November 2012

Thoughts on the first Carers Parliament...

Hi guys, I was asked for some thoughts on the recent Carers Parliament so I'm going to share my them here...
Thoughts on Scotland’s 1st Carers Parliament…

I’m glad I got a place!
Others were not so fortunate so it made it more important to speak out if given the chance!
Coming from the coast, it was agreed the Carers from our area would travel up together so we left the night before and stayed the night in Edinburgh. This was a good idea, it gave us time to get to know one another a little bit too.

I felt nervous and excited on the actual day, I also felt a responsibility to try and raise the issues I knew were important to Carers across Scotland! We, the lucky ones who got a place, really needed to hold our nerve and find our voice - tell it how it really is for Carers!

There was a buzz about the place, people were excited and there was an air of expectancy too. People really didn’t hold back, they wanted to share their stories and highlight what does and doesn’t work for Carers in today’s Scotland.

I think the greatest impact of the day came when Carers not only asked their questions in the chamber but shared a little bit of their life, the struggles but also the triumphs when things worked well.
I struggled on alone for over twenty years before accessing some help and respite – it was a difficult time. Meeting other Carers at the Parliament, those who are still struggling on alone with little respite or assistance brought it all crashing back to me. Just how isolating and life limiting long term, things can be, for Carers themselves.

I came away with a feeling of satisfaction, we were listened to, ministers did respond positively.
This was tempered with a feeling of bitter-sweet, I’m no longer in the unsupported dark days in my caring role, I have help now but other Carers are still struggling in darkness with little help or respite, that left me incredibly sad, there’s still such a long way to go.
It was a wonderful day. It raised awareness of Carer issues and hopefully opened the door for further changes that will benefit all Carers.
Maz x

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

More bloods...

Hi guys, we're living quietly this week.

Coo's blood test results came back yesterday, courtesy of a phonecall from our doctor! This time the white cells are very low and that's a worry on two counts...
 Firstly - There's probably still some infection kicking around Coo's system.
Secondly - Coo's immune system isn't working properly while the white cells are low so he's prone to more infection - lovely!

Yet more medication...again. We'll keep a close eye on things and repeat the bloods next week, anything to avoid a return of the nasty pneumonia bug!
Thankfully his seizure level hasn't majorly increased this time so we're managing things ok. It's just a case of being a bit more careful, wrapping up in hats, scarves and gloves when we do venture out and avoiding busy places where lots of people are likely to be sniffing and sneezing!

I know it's definately wellie and brolly weather here - it's been very rainy so far this week but hopefully we'll be able to wrap up warm and get out for a wee walk in the park at some point.

I guess for now, it'll be...yet chocolate drinking and keeping cozy - I'm sure we can manage that! lol
I hope things settle for us soon and I hope too, you're managing to avoid the sniffles where you are!
Maz x

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Rainy days...

Hi guys, it's been rainy days all the way here recently!

Our weather has taken a tumble for the worst and it's been grey days and heavy rain here.
Coo's chest infection is still kicking about his system and he's got added seizures too so we've been mostly stuck in at home!

Thankfully though, here in Scotland, we've avoided the horrendous weather front our american cousins have recently had to deal with so we should not complain! I just think it's more difficult to cope in general during the winter time, don't you? I guess it's those grey days making for even greyer moods too!

So...I've decided!

We have to leave the house today to get Coo's bloods done later anyway so...I'm going to get us both all wrapped up cozy and persuade him to wander around in the fresh air for a bit, maybe stop for a wee cuppa somewhere nice!

A wee while out! ~ I'm sure, it'll do us both the world of good!

We're doing ok and I hope you're fairing ok where you are too!
Maz x

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Back in Anti-bio-land...

Hi guys, we're back in anti-bio-land yet again.

Coo has a chest infection and a temperature so we're battening down the hatches, keeping cosy and hoping things settle down soon! I'm not really surprised as November is usually a difficult month for us. After the pneumonia of previous years, Coo's prone to chest infections now and living on the coast, November is usually pretty much, windy, wet and chilly!

Yet again, I'm digging out my hard hat and flak jacket!
The anti-biotics should kick in soon so hopefully we'll be doing a whole lot better in a few more days.

Meantime, I'm keeping cosy and warm with some soothing hot chocolate
but which one to pick...
Right now I have three on the go! lol
Tangy chocolate orange,
Zingly mint and my current favourite...
Turkish Delight - Mmmmmm!

I do hope you're keeping cozy and comfy where you are too!
If you need a wee pick-me-up, try some hot chocolate - it sure works for me!
Maz x

Friday, 2 November 2012

Spanish Jessie...

Hi guys, thought I'd share our wee Jessica's Halloween pic...

When Coo and I took our recent trip we brought back a wee something for our grand-daughter Jessica...
 She's a wee Spanish cutie pie - check out the wee shoes! lol
 I think it's real nice having little ones around again and it gave Coo a wee boost too!
Maz x