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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Caring easy?....Nooo sir-ee!

Hi guys, it's hard hat and flap-jacket time for us again!
We're back on the drug see-saw again - dose up and down trying to get some control!

Coo's Epanutin level (Anti Epilepsy Drug) has jumped from usually around the high end of safe at 80 to 108 for no apparent reason.
I'm not sure of anything that could have affected the levels as his white cells were fine so it's not infection this time. :?

I should have known there was a problem brewing as he's been a bit moody and his sleep pattern is shot to bits. Well, he sleeps a couple of hours at night and then on and off all day and with sleep seizures that's not a good set-up!

He's never really got back down to single figures since the last crisis and things have kinda stuck at around 12-15 seizures a day.

With this latest increase in activity, we've jumped back on that dreaded drug see-and cut back his dose in the hope things will settle a little bit.

Wish us luck,

I'm gonna need to borrow that hat again !

I hope things are on a more even keel where you are!

maz x

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Quail, to get or not to get...

Hi guys, you may have noticed the quail related links I've added recently, well...I've been thinking of getting some quail!

Coo's not keen and that's the only thing that has stopped me taking the plunge...yet!
I have a petark in the garden it's this one:

I bought it a few years ago as I had two rabbits who needed a bit more space and sadly, it's been lying empty for over a year.

Well, I painted it a tasty chocolate colour and got it all ready, researched(properly!) how to keep quail and found a breeder not too far away so I thought I was home and dry on the quail front but not so!

The usually mild and easy going Coo has kinda scuppered the plans as he doesn't want me to get them!
It's so unlike him as usually he's a pretty much go-with-the-flow kinda guy but he seems to be digging his heels in this time.

I've always loved animals and over the 25 years we've been married we've had an assorment of pets from fish and budgies to rabbits and reptiles and our old Jack Russell (she's 17 now and still going strong!)

I guess, spending a lot of time at home makes pet keeping appealing - well it does for me anyway! LOL

I'm still working on Coo but something tells me it's not going to be so easy!
I wonder what he has against these pretty little birds??

***Aren't the pretty?

I'm still hopefull of changing his mind - wish me luck!

maz x

Friday, 21 August 2009

Getting involved with Carers UK...

Hi guys!

I'm considering joining the committee of Carers Scotland the scottish section of CarersUK.
I recieved a letter from them with details on voting for their new committee and after speaking to a friend, I'm considering joining the committee myself!

I guess I got the bug from the:
Carers Poverty Protest March in April
- check me out in the tartan and hi-vis fashion ensemble! LOL

Then again...maybe it was the T.V. interview in June for Carers Week! LOL
Who knows but what I do know is...

If you speak out for what you believe in, you feel better about things and if anyone else listens well, that's just a bonus isn't it!

Upwards and onwards eh
We all gotta fight for those who can't!

As it says in my header...

'We are all in the same boat so we each must take turns to paddle!'

I guess, maybe, it's just my turn at the oars!

A feeling kinda militant, maz! LOL xx

Friday, 14 August 2009

Caring sure is a roller coaster ride...

Hi guys, we've been on that flaming roller-coaster again!

Who ever said the life of a Carer was an easy one? eh?

Well, thankfully Coo's calming down a bit now but the last two weeks have been a real roller coaster ride!

He's been poorly this week but last week he was well, pretty much awake a lot, so he had less seizures - bonus! LOL

We even managed a daytrip with our wee club to the 'Highland Games' in Brodick.

Honestly all those kilts...
my - oh- my!

Can you tell?

I had a b-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-t time! LOL

So we watched the strong men literally!

Then walked along the beach and ate cream teas...mmmm lovely!

It's a pity the weather wasn't so nice but you can't have everything can you!

Things did clear up a bit later on.

The ferry ride home was magic, still waters and sunshiney skies!

Aren't we lucky!
It's such a fantastic view!

I sure hope you've got some sunshiney weather where you are!

If not, at least some sunny thoughts,

Maz x