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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Carers, IJB, Tenders and Easter...

Hi guys, it's been a busy week yet again and...Happy Easter!

I've been out with my local authority again, with both the Carers Tender and the shiny new IJB (Integrated Joint Board) - after a lot of hard work...Health and Social Care are now merged!

IJB...It's been an interesting process and I'm so glad, here at least, Carers and Service users were in from the off!
Our input is vital, we've been there with services, both health and social care ones and we know first hand what works well and often where some changes could make things easier and that is valuable!
I've said it before and it's so order for things to work well, we need to continue to work together!
The Carers Tender...
How did I find it?
Well, long, tiring but very interesting too. It was a lot of work and a lot of paper and a lot of potential too! I'm content with the decision we reached to get on and make sure those services meet the needs of our North Ayrshire Carers!

While I've been busy working away on the practical stuff of the last few weeks and keeping my pledge, making sure Carers voices are heard, the caring still continues too!
Coo's still real poorly, his seizure increase is still evident and we're struggling on. I'm so grateful for the support we have. Our SDS (Self Directed Support) care package means even though things are difficult at home, I can still manage to get out to meetings and continue with my plans. Sure I'm always aware Coo is poorly at home but I know he's safe and things will be fine while I'm busy.

I guess it's always a bit of struggle for Carers.
Being pulled in every direction is always difficult but it just shows how important proper support really is and just how much of a difference it can make for Carers.

Keep strong and keep speaking out -
Lets make sure Carers voices continue to be heard!
Maz x