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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Brrrr Winter Snow...

Hi Guys, I think winter it now in full swing!

The garden has been white with frost for over two weeks and it's so dark in the mornings too and before you know it, it's back again by tea-time!
This moring, yet again, I had to scrape ice off the car and my hands ended up a nippy shade of pink - luckily they matched my jumper! LOL

It's official...the frosty weather front is here to hats are on, scarfs and mittens too, everytime I need to pop my nose outside the front door at all - any excuse to don a cute bobble hat! lol

I must admit though, I'm one of those people who love the snow! Everything looks so clean and pretty and you just want to run around leaving footprints everywhere...or is that just me!

So 1-2-3...
Roll on more snow - enough to make a decent sized snowman at least! LOL

One like this would be nice...

What's to like about winter anyway?

Big jumpers, woolly hats, loads of hot chocolate eating!Mmmm
Cosy socks, cheery smiles and rosey cheeks too!
Oh...and Christmas! just around the corner! Woo Hoo

Now where's my tree went?
I have a sneaky suspicion we'll be...decking the halls soon!

Coo had a good day yesterday, he unexpectedly picked up his guitar to join me in a song!
I play my harp most days for a wee while and sometimes he decides to join in too! so was an impromptu Christmas concert just for two and it was fun!

I'm feeling happy and a bit more rested today and I hope you're cozy and happy where you are too!

maz x

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