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Sunday, 22 October 2017

#carers health caring coping and SDS....

Hi guys, I blinked and summer was all gone and I'm guessing I'm not the only carer that's happened to!

Over the summer, I've spent more time at hospital appointments than Coo and I'm still adjusting to this set-up. from Rheumatology and Podiatry to Orthotics, Neurology for Coo and countless pharmacy visits in between, we've hit the lot!
Honestly being poorly and caring too is hard for everyone. I'm finding that quite honestly - Rheumatoid Arthritis kinda sucks!

Just who cares for the carer...
Well, I'm finding out too, that's a good question and it has many differing views and answers...depending where you live! We're lucky, here in North Ayrshire our council fully supported the aims and objectives of  SDS (self directed support) and although there isn't an unending pot of money, they tried to support carers and the people they care for. Here, SDS wasn't used as a cost cutting exercise, it was used with a genuine will to help and thankfully #carers have benefitted from the process!
So yes, I've been poorly this year and yes I'm still caring a real lot but the support we have in place makes it manageable. It means I can still get out for a bit, go to some meetings and continue to do what's important to and for me so even with the current bout of ill health, that's made everything so much more easier for us both and for that we're truly thankful!

Coo's still bouncing around on that AED (anti epilepsy drug) see saw. Too much drug in his system means more seizures and too little? more of the's become so tiring for us both and we've hit a new low - his & hers blood tests every two weeks - #scunnered but we're hanging on in there!
#carers health... 

Please, if you haven't already...go get your flu jab! Carers do get them free from their GP so don't take no for an answer get it sorted! Trust me it's not that bad and could save a whole lot of  groaning and grief over winter and I promise the jab isn't anywhere near as big as this one! mega lols!

Just for fun and even though things were difficult and it took a lot of energy and planning we got away for a wee trip up to Glasgow to another concert!
It was totally awesome, really rather wonderful - We loved it...can you tell! mega lols After the concert we had a wee sleepover to recover and best of all?
We came back all rested and happy and ready to carry on so job's a good un!
Onwards and upwards!
Maz x