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Monday, 19 July 2010

Yet more Carer rainy days...

Hi Guys, it looks like good old Saint Swithin maybe right!

It's still raining here!
Talk about Stevie Wonders hotter than July...I don't remember a wetter July! lol

Coo's still poorly even though the latest batch of antibiotics are finished. We'll get the bloods done again on Wednesday.
I've been keeping myself busy with my Jewellery making and crafts and the poor old garden has had to take a back seat for the minute!
I did manage to get some lovely rhubarb on the go and some strawberries too (well who can resist)'s crumble all around! LOL

I hope things improve weather-wise as spending a happy hour out there isn't really's fun! LOL

Mean while...
The dogs are still munching away at my peas given half a chance - they don't mind the rain so they have kinda been beating me to it over the last few days!

I have found, carrots and onions taste so much better when they're pulled fresh from the garden! Who knew! lol
Only problem is at the minute, it takes longer to kit-up with all the wellies and waterproofs than it does to pick the veggies! LOL

Even in rainy weather there's always something of beauty to find isn't there!

Even so, I'm still holding onto hope for some sunshine, well, it is summer after all so it can't rain every day, can it?

maz x

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