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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Dreaded Drug See-saw...

Hi Guys, it seems the see-saw effect with Coo's drugs is still a problem as this week they blood results show things are a bit low for a change!
Although we're hopeful things will still settle down a bit and i guess this weeks tests will tell.
Today, the sun tried to make an appearance too so things must be looking up! lol
Isn't it amazing how much a little touch of sunshine brightens your mood? There have been way too many grey days already this year so...
Roll on the spring!

I can't wait for the growing season to begin!
My potaotoes have been popped in an old egg box and are chitting nicely on the window sill as we speak! It worked ok last year so I am not deviating from the plan! lol
Now, I just need to sort through the remnants of last years seed collection and sort the peas I saved (they were brilliant!) and oh yes...pray hard for a some nice, sunny weather! lol

This picture made me think...
Where exactly have my wellies gone?
...and did I remember to clean them?
Ah well, I've a feeling the mud will be making a come back soon and if all else fails, I'm pretty sure the hose will sort 'em out! lol

Happy days, well, happy as pigs in muck! lol
Maz x

Saturday, 19 February 2011

New gregory pecks...

Hi Guys, I don't know about you but I suspect all Carers are like me and their own health appointments and issues are pretty much on the back burner until they can be fitted in and we really should try harder - well I definately should anyway!

I at last, managed to get for my eye test and guess what? Yet again, I needed new gregory's, Gregory Pecks - Specs that is!lol

Usually I go pretty much for a plastic frame that'll work with just about everything but this time there was a great sale on and...seeing as it was my wedding anniversary this week, well you've guessed it...I treated myself to a designer pair!

I liked these ones straight off and I really liked the price tag too (better than 1/2 price) so I was definately onto a winner! woo-hoo

I didn't realise how trendy these glasses are but I just Googled and found them on the How to look good naked website!

I must be getting trendy in me old age! lol

Just so there's no me, thumbs up from the looking good naked people or not...I'm not sitting here only sporting my new trendy glassed and a smile!
Perish the thought, it is February after all! LOL

If you've got appointments yourself, try and make some time for 'em and remember to look after yourself too!
Maz x

Monday, 14 February 2011

The Carers crash...

Hi guys,
I think we've all had the what I call the 'Carers Crash' feeling from time to time. I think it usually happens, (well for me anyway), after a run of issues, hospitals, appointments or just generally, more than the usual hive of caring activity.
Suddenly, you find yourself feeling a bit off colour, out of sorts or shorter tempered than usual and then you realise you're just tired and need to re-charge your batteries!
Now, if I'm lucky I've reached this point before my energies are totally spent and I can start to re-dress the balance a bit and if not? Well...welcome to melt down! lol

Over the years I've kinda worked around things and found ways that work for me to bring my energy levels back up again. It's typical, but the best is always the most difficult to acheive isn't it and for me it's....(drum roll)...sleep!

Most Carers have disrupted sleep at some time or other and the lack of it, sure as heck is the quickest thing to pull you down and make everything seem just that bit more difficult! The problem for me is sometimes - well, most times if I'm honest, sleep just isn't an option so what else is there to help recharge things then?

***Crafts - a bit of whatever takes my fancy and usually anything that can be picked up or dropped at a moments notice fits the bill nicely! lol

***Cooking - slow or otherwise. I'm no Delia but it's nice to smell something tasty bubbling away and best of all I always get to eat the end results! lol

***Music - well, I love listening to Gheorghe Zamfir, I came across him quite by accident one day and fell in love with his music. The sound is just so magical and it's so relaxing too!

***Harping - Wow! Just how good does this make me feel!
It's just so...wonderful!
I never, ever felt I was musical at all but over the last year, harping really has become one of my passions!

When things are real difficult, it's so easy to lose myself in the music for a wee while and it always raises a smile even on the darkest days.
I guess it's been doing that for people for the longest time judging by this old picture!

Sharing some of the things that keep me happy and whole has also helped raise a smile today and I hope they've given you some food for thought too!

(((hugs))) and a happy smile sent too!
Maz x

Saturday, 5 February 2011

This weeks trials...

Hi Guys, Coo's been a bit more settled this week so I'm hopeful things are back on the up, well at least a little bit anyway! He had more bloods done on Thursday so we'll see what they say and just take it from there I guess!

I've been slow cooking again this week!
Time's been a bit limited and it's a lot easier to throw things in and just 'leave them be' than it is to take time out to do the watch, stir and take care the pots don't boil over, kinda cooking that usually happens!

It's really a bit of a standing joke in our family, if it can boil over or boil dry, it has done so while I'm making dinner. Now to be fair, sometimes, it's been down to Coo needing a hand but others, I have to admit, are my own fault as I've just been distracted by something else at the time and lost track of time! lol

Lapses in concentration happen to us all especially when we're tired...well, that's my story and I'm sure sticking too it! LOL

I've been busy out Demo-ing too this week!
This week was the 'budget' for our local council so we Carers (who could make it!), were all out with the banners to stand up for ourselves against all the cuts to services.

Looby kept Coo company, while I went to...tear a strip of our local council again!

They are still planning on closing all the local community centres in our area and without these buildings lots of community groups (including my wee Carer support group) will be out on the street with nowhere to meet and no chance of any support!
We've been campaigning all year to get them to see sense and it's been a bit of an uphill struggle so far!
Anyway, it seems we've won a reprieve of sorts. The council has decided to defer any closures for this financial year so the fights not over but at least we're not out on the street...yet.

I guess we live to fight another day!

Hope you are ok where you are too, remember, don't give up just get back up, dust yourself off and keep on fighting!
Maz x