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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Looby's wedding fast approaches...

Hi Guys,

Remember way back in January when I mentioned Looby's wedding? well, is almost upon us!

Where has the year gone!

I'm getting a bit excited now and just hope everything goes ok on the day!
The invitations didn't go out till later than usual for weddings as Steven (the groom!) was still out in Afghanistan right up until two weeks ago but thankfully he's home safe and sound and they've all been posted out now!

All the preparations that are going to be done have been done so fingers crossed we've remembered every thing and anything we've forgotten?...
Well it'll just have to stay forgotten now! LOL

I'm trying to keep a lid on things a bit for Coo as the last thing we need on top of the new meds is a big dose of stress so it's the softly softly touch with him and a smiley 'everything's fine Babe' response!

To keep things busy - I never do things by halfs...
It's winter week in the local Community Centre where I work so I'm kinda up to my eyes in it there too!

I will be busy with Santa in his grotto, dressed as an Elf in pointy ears and all! LOL It's usually jumping, over 150 children came last year to speak to the big man in red and get some chocolate!

This year 'Owl Magic' are coming...Woo Hoo or maybe that should be hoot hoot! LOL
I'm sure the wee ones will love getting their picture taken with the Harry potter snowy owl and his friends and best of all the mum's will love the fact it's all FREE!

I love hosting free community events as all children benefit, especially the little ones from families where there is little money to spread around on such things.
A present from Santa and your very own picture with a snowy owl can make such a difference - the smiley faces all around tell me that's true!
Spread some Christmas cheer and if it's done for FREE that's good enough for me!

Wish me luck, I have a feeling it's going to be a busy, busy, bumble bee week!

maz x


Sapphyre said...

Good luck! Hope your week goes well and so do Coo's new meds :)

karen said...

Good luck!!!!!

maz said...

Cheers Guys!
maz x