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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

In a soapy bubble...

Hi Guys, most of you will know, with Coo being so poorly, I've been stuck at home a lot lately and I suppose that's just typical of the usual Carer lifestyle eh?

Well, I've decided there's no time like the present to begin getting organised and I've got around to ordering my soap supplies and some new chrismassy moulds! LOL

I enjoy soap making, I find it kinda therapeutic.
It's also a pleasant and better still quiet pass-time while Coo's asleep and I'm so very much at home a good 'un! LOL

I've got some lovely gift bags, a load of tissue paper and some pretty gold labels so...
I'm going to make the wee soaps and pop 'em in as Christmas gifts.

Handmade is always nice to recieve isn't it!

Guess what?

***I think I'm gonna be...Soapy bubble busy! LOL

maz x

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