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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

still hanging on in there...

Hi guys, I've not been posting much recently we've had health hassles on all fronts!
Coo is still poorly so we're living quietly for the moment and my wrist/arm/shoulder pain is rumbling on and I gotta say, I'm now getting just a tad fed-up with the whole thing!
I tried to chase up my Rheumatology appointment  (I was referred in December), just to say I'd accept a cancellation and guess what?
I have no referral -apparently it got lost in transit! Here in Ayrshire & Arran, Consultant referrals are paper based -or snail mail to you and I!- between our two local hospitals Crosshouse & Ayr and mine? well, it got lost!
I have to say I'm not impressed with this latest development and I took to twitter and said so with a #unimpressed too!
I'm  hopeful, now I've alerted them to the fact it is indeed 'lost' they will get on and sort it out and an appointment will arrive soon! I guess we shall see!

Carers Scotland...
Health issues aside, I've still been busy with the Carers Scotland Committee, especially now Scotland's new Carers Bill  is at last making it's mark in the parliament!

This bill has the potential to make things so much better for Scotland's Carers!
We just need to be strong and make sure it delivers!

Health & Social Care Integration...
Isn't it ironic, I'm so committed to our Health and Social Care Partnership here in Ayrshire & Arran that I sit on the board and always speak out strongly for our Carers own recent NHS experience has been so very less than expected?!? Disappointed? Yes...but not down and out...yet!

Stay strong friends!
Maz x