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Friday, 29 February 2008

Daffodil lump or two!

How do I get into these kinda things?

I've been roped into hosting a daffodil tea in our local community centre and I'm not really sure what actually happens at one so it'll be Daffy-tea with a twist!

I guess things will be ok - I've asked they craft groups who meet in the centre if they will set up some stalls on the day so there'll be plenty of people milling around and things to buy and the local Cafe will provide tea and buns.

Only one other thing to sort out...a teddy bears picnic for 50 pre-schoolers.

Well, somebody's got to do it and the kids will have a ball!

I can sense a magician, some kiddie music and loads of sticky wee fingers coming on, only one thing for it...

Pass me another jam sandwich!

maz x

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Movie Star...Me!

Where to start?

Well, it's been a busy week!

I was asked if I would consent to being filmed this week as part of my job and it's been a bit more than I first thought!

I work for my Local Authority as a support worker out in the community and as usual it's time to evaluate everything to see what is deemed a valuable service...

So this week was the week that was!!

Two Camera men showed up and followed me around for a bit on Thursday.

***** I think not!! *****

I'm not sure what they'll eventually put out but so long as the boss is pleased and I don't look like...

Cruella De Vil!

I'm sure it'll be fine or should I say...

'it'll be alright on the night' LOL!

On the other end of things - I'm glad I had another focus this week as Coo is poorly yet again.
we've had 3 couses of anti-biotics since Christmas and we're on the dreaded anti-bio merry-go-round once more!

Thank goodness it's a Looby night tonight as I sure need the sleep!

maz x

Sunday, 10 February 2008

The Sun makes an appearance...

Hi all, the sun has come back for a bit and lifted the grey-day moods!

I think everyone's spirits have been lifted a little and people certainly do smile more!

Out came the winter sun so today was the day!
We eventually, decided to sort out the chaos that used to be our old rickety garage

The rain stayed off long enough to let us get most of the debris sorted so that was a bonus as we were not looking forward to the big garden clear-up! Can you tell? we're not really outdoor types!!
Thanks to the wee bit sun it wasn't too bad.

Coo's been poorly yet again, his drug level fell well below the safe level and his bloods on Tuesday showed an increase in white cells so we're on yet another antibiotic run!

It seems like we just kinda lurch from one crisis to another.

On a positive note, Coo quite enjoyed pottering around the garden and banging about with his hammer!
When I asked him what he was doing, he said he's decided to build a new fence by recycling the wood he's saved!

Well, Ground Force he 'aint but we'll see, with a bit of luck it'll only be a passing fancy...let's hope so!

maz x