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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Rainy weather...

Hi Guys, it's raining here again!

With that in mind, I've decided to treat myself to some new funky wellie boots!
Well now, decisions, decisions, with so many natty designs, just which ones to choose! lol

I'll look around the net for some, see what tickles my fancy and then...let you know!

Wish me happy wellie hunting!
Maz x

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Caring for plants too...

Hi Guys,
I've been planting this week!
Coo's been poorly again, I think it's viral this time so we'll just have to wait it out. He went for more bloods today so I guess the white cells will tell!

Meanwhile with being at home more again this week it's given me a chance to...dig out those wellie boots and sort out the garden!

Well, to make a start at least! lol

Potatoes are all in now and onions too so woo hoo I'm already catching the planting bug for this year! LOL

Hope for some sun and some happy planting!
Maz x

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Red Nose Day all the way...

Hi Guys, did you have a good Red Nose Day?

I had a great time...Can you tell! LOL

Coo was poorly so Looby came to stay and keep an eye on things (they managed to pop in for a wee while later on!). Meanwhile, I grabbed my wee red nose and set off to my charity event as planned!

We had been planning it all for months.
The event was held in our local community centre and was a...Community Get on your bike for Comic Relief.
We used four exercise bikes and had them running from 9 a.m. all day right through till midnight!

Here's my friend Gill and I pedalling hard and it was a couple of hours in too!
Everyone came!
The local Primary Schools sent children to take a turn and the community all rallied around to make sure the wheels kept turning!
Everyone did great!
We all worked really hard to make sure it was a fun day.

Here we are having a bit of a giggle in the last few hours (minus the 'noses' tut-tut!).
You can see from the pics, we had a ball!

Best of all...we raised some much needed money for charity too so...job's a good 'un!

I hope you enjoyed the 'Red Nose' adventure, it sure was fun!
Maz x

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Stormy weather...

Hi guys, well the sunshine didn't last at all!

It's been raining all day and the wind...well, it's been blowing a hoolie! lol
I've still not got out in the garden at all!
Well, except for a mad wellie-wearing dash down to pop stuff into the compost bin that is!

Instead of waiting any longer in the hope of some sunshine,
I've decided to set up my wee propagator instead!
It's a bit like this one... I love pottering about with it so it should keep me amused regardless of the weather outside!

So...let the sowing 'n' growing begin! lol
I just got to sort out my seeds now - mmm, what to plant first!

Oh happy days - and that's a cue for a song too isn't it! lol
Maz x

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Carer's roller coaster or see-saw?...

Hi Guys, things are still a bit difficult at the minute.

Coo's AED levels(Anti Epilpesy Drugs) are still very up 'n' down.

It seems more of a roller-coaster ride than a see-saw at the minute but we're still hanging on in there!

He seems to have turned night into day too so he's sleeping (and seizing) throughout the day and this means we're more at home again this week!

I used to find enforced time at home a bit difficult but I've learned to accept this and make the best of things so it'll be crafting and cooking and if the weather improves enough I may even make it out to the garden for a wee while - who knows! lol

More bloods getting done tomorrow so maybe we'll have a better idea of what is going on - let's hope so!

I'm sitting here typing and guess what?
Yet again, the sun is at last trying to break through today! Woo Hoo

Oh, let's hope it sticks around for a wee while! Some time in the garden? now that would be nice!

Everything seems just that little bit brighter when the sun's rays have warmed them and that includes my mood too! lol

I hope you have some sunshine too and better still some sunny thoughts to match!
Maz x