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Friday, 29 January 2010

Good news...

We have some good news to share...Looby's getting married!

Looby and her fiance Steven, have been together for a couple of years now and have decided the time's right for a wedding!
They've set a date in December.
Coo was a bit surprised as he still see's her as his wee girl even though she's 22! so I had to whisper a gentle reminder, we were both in our teens when we wed 25 years ago so we best just keep quiet about the age thing! LOL

Steven is a lovely guy, he's in the Scots Guards, he's very mellow and easy going and this compliments Looby's blonde, harum scarem, smiley nature.

I think they're a good match so I'm pleased there'll be some wedding bells!
I've never been the mother of the bride before - I'll need a hat! LOL
Now, I guess the hunt is on for, well, everything associated with weddings so...let the games begin! LOL

maz x


karen said...

Congrats. You are going to be the most lovely mother of the bride ever. best wishes to all.

Robert said...

please pass on my congratulations to the happy couple. Perhaps the patter of tiny feet will follow soon afterwards? How do you fancy being Granny Maz?

Happy times to come. I'm really pleased for you & Coo.

maz said...

Don't think there'll be grand babies for a while - looby's in no hurray and Steven has an Afgan tour of duty to come and that'll be coming too soon for me.
You never know though - would be nice our sons 25 and looby's 22 so I guess there plenty time yet! LOL

maz x

maz said...

Thank you karen, it is all a bit exciting!
maz x