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Monday, 28 December 2009

Sandy beach? no...snowy beach!

Well, how's you're weather?
It's still positively Baltic here! LOL

In fact here's a snap of our beach! LOL

I just had so share as it's such an unusual photograph!
It's on a local island and I can't remember the last time the snow lay on the sand like that!
I do know it's a serious issue but I really don't see much evidence of glabal warming here!

maz x

Carer woes...ho ho ho...

Hi Guys,
Well, we managed to avoid the usual christmas hospital admission but only just!

We had a brilliant day out at Coo's sister Diane's a lovely meal and good company with lots of laughter and everything was going swimmingly!
Over the space of the day, Coo had most of a bottle of de-alcoholized wine (Merlot) thinking he'd be fine as it wasn't alcohol and he seemed to be in great form and perfectly ok...until we got home that is!

His seizures were terrible, every 15 minutes from midnight until five o'clock! Around 3 a.m., I was beginning to think maybe he'd need the hospital after all but things seemed to be getting a bit less aggressive then and he eventually stopped around 5 and slept for a few hours - thank God!
Poor Coo, he thought he'd found the perfect substitute that he could really enjoy with a nice meal!

Anyway, in the morning we both slept late, cuddled up, watched telly and ate chocolate!
...and Coo? he seemed a wee bit shaky and sore but otherwise fine so all's well that ends well!

Just New year to go and guess what?
I don't reckon there'll be any or otherwise!

Then again, Coo thinks it may have been the bowl of cerial he ate late we go again with the 'was it or wasn't it' discussion...

I hope things are more settled where you are!
Take care,
maz x

Monday, 21 December 2009

Carers & Christmas? Hospitals of course...

Hi Guys, we're just back from hospital.
What would a Carer's Christmas be without a visit to the A & E!

Coo cracked his foot during a seizure last night Ouch!
Problem is, every time he had another seizure the limb jerking was pretty bad and by morning he just couldn't cope with the pain any longer.

We called the doctor, who advised us to take a trip to A&E for an X-ray.
Well, after a day of being poked and prodded at the hospital, it's good news - nothings broken! Woo-hoo!
It's a soft tissue injury and while painful,(especially if you're seizing, bouncing about and limb jerking said foot all the time - it will heal on it's own... eventually!
So maybe not so Woo-hoo after all but at least it's not an admission this time!

I don't think it helped any when I told him..."You know Coo, there are easier ways of getting out of Christmas shopping"!
His answer...un-printable! LOL

Let's hope he heals quickly!

and it's raining here again so 1,2, never rains but it pours!

maz x

Thursday, 17 December 2009


Hi Guys - We've been away!
Coo and I have been travelodge-ing it again!
I managed to get a deal for Glasgow Central at £19 a night...result Woo Hoo!

We got up and organised and left Tuesday lunchtime bound for the big city for two whole nights and it was brilliant.
George Square is all lit up and twinkly, there's an open air cinema and gallons of hot chocolate to help keep the cold out!
***George Square webcam***

We didn't really do much shopping but they were all open late and the whole place was jumping!
We went to the Peoples Palace and it was great fun, I got my picture taken in the steamie using an old mangle!
I don't think I'll moan again about the washing machines taking too long - heaven only knows how they managed with that old contraption, it'd have had my fingers off and no mistake!

The winter Gardens are lovely, so nice to sit and have a cuppa in amongst the flowers especially in chilly December!
I can definately recommend the scones too Mmmmm! LOL
Here's a pretty bird of sorts snapped in the gardens.
Not so much wild life more...
...wired life eh!

Ah well, Coo's tickled pink!
While in Glasgow, we found a music shop selling really good quality guitars and at a nice price too so...Santa came early for Coo this year!
Mind you he's been asleep since we got back so I guess he's found it all a bit I'm still bouncy and in the pink let's hope it lasts! LOL

I hope you're having some fun where you are and if you can, try Travelodge-ing it! It's fun, cheap and cheerful!

maz x

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

They're coming...oh no they're not!

Hi guys,
I guess I'll need more of them as Robert puts it 'diversionary tactics' - the social services cancelled today - so Coo was all upset for nothing Arrrrrg!

They'll come next week to review things instead.

Never mind, at least they called to cancel!
I've heard other Carers say in their experience, sometimes social services just don't turn up at all...shocking!

Onwards and upwards...hey-ho where's that salt dough! LOL

I feel a craft day coming on!
maz x

Monday, 14 December 2009

Social Services 'n' salt dough what a combo!

Hi Guys!
It's been a busy week!
Coo's been up 'n' down like a yoyo, his moods are all over the place and today he has the tell-tale rash that means there's yet again something wrong with his bloods!
We went to get them done today so by Wednesday, we will know for sure.

Mean while - (as if we don't have enough in added stresses!) - Social Services called yesterday to arrange a visit: they want to review Coo's care package.
Now, while I'm not overly concerned as care-wise things have not changed, Coo on the other hand, is in a bit of a state. He doesn't cope well with change and is concerned if they withdraw the help we have now, we'll struggle to cope.
He knows how tired and near burnout I was before!
I understand how he feels.

The Direct Payment care package we have currently, buys me two nights sleep, allows me to keep my one remaining work session and even a few hours out on a Saturday with my!

I know our Local Authority are struggling financially and just hope this isn't an attempt to cut this much needed support!
I have said previously, I don't know how I coped before without this help and would not want to go back to that place again but I'm not going to panic!
It won't help Coo any if he thinks I'm worried so I'm going to wait and see what happens - they're coming tomorrow.

Enough of the gloomy stuff...

In an attempt to take Coo's mind of the meeting, I decided to make some salt dough up to take to our group tonight - we run a wee group for adults with disabilities.

It was brilliant fun, they all had a ball making Christmas Trees, stars and baubles for their own tree at home.
Craft is so good!
Everybody gets in a sticky mess and somehow in the end something pretty is made and everyone's happy! LOL

Coo forgot the meeting tomorrow, we made an assortment of 'decorations' like these
and...there were lots of smiley faces around!

Job's a good'un!

maz x

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Singalong ~ Carers Alphabet...

Hi Guys, I was at the local Carers Centre and my wee Carer group sang a song so here it is...

The Carers Alphabet (tune: The Christmas Alphabet!)

C ~ Is for the Carers standing round the Christmas tree.
H ~ Is for the Hospitals we always have to see.
R ~ Is for the Respite we need but never get.
I ~ Is for the Irate way we feel when needs aren't met.
S ~ Is for the Stress we deal with every day
T ~ Is for the Tension when we can't come out to play.
M ~ Is for the Medicine we administer all day long.
A ~ Is for the Anguish we feel when things go wrong.
S ~ Is for old Santa who helps us to forget...

So be good and you'll find it all,
in your Carers Alphabet!

What do you think? Kinda catchy! LOL
maz x

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Christmas Reindeer...

Hi guys!
It was our Christmas Fayre this week and it was great!
I was an...Elf! LOL

All the little ones went to visit Santa Claus and got a wee selection box (chocolate)!

Once the grotto quietened down a little, Santa's reindeers arrived on the scene.

You should have saw all the wee faces!
Their eyes were big as saucers and no wonder...
They all got to pet Santa's reindeer!

Best of all everything was FREE now how cool is that!

So 150 children later, what seemed like a million raffle prizes, shovelling reindeer poo and sore feet from dancing in red pixie boots, I had a well earned cuppa & mince pie(after washing my hands of course!).

It was tiring but also a lot of fun! LOL

Roll on next week and Pantoland! LOL

Cheery Christmassy thoughts,
maz x