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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Picking up the pieces...

Hi guys, I'm off to Glasgow tomorrow!

Coo's been poorly again the last few days and I wasn't sure if I'd manage to go but things have rallied around again so Looby (our daughter and our P.A.) will come stay with him and my plans will go ahead so...
Glasgow here I come! lol

That's the great thing about SDS (Self Directed Support), plans don't need to be cancelled at the last minute when Coo is poorly. Obviously, if things were real bad and we had a crisis, I wouldn't want to leave him but if things are managable, I can trust Looby to cope.
She knows exactly how to deal with all the seizure activity and struggles and this means, my plans don't need to be cancelled and I can still have some time out to access things that are important for me...and that's important too!

So just what is tomorrows meeting about?

ENABLE Scotland will be holding a 'Picking up the Pieces' event on the 7th March at the Marriott Hotel to talk about the research undertaken in the Picking up the Pieces report and to discuss the future of emergency planning for family carers. If you are a carer or a professional interested in this topic then please contact the marketing team at to find out more. 
 ENABLE'S 'Picking up the Pieces' report from late last year:

I really think emergency planning is so very important for family Carers. I mean, just what do you do if there's a crisis and you can't provide care?

I'm lucky to have some support in place from Social Services but others are not so fortunate and it'll be interesting to see just what help is out there - If any, I guess we will see!

It should be interesting, and I'll blog and share the experience,
Maz x


Brenda Reginatto said...

Hello Maz,
Congrats on your blog - I've been following it on twitter, you are doing such a great job sharing your experience with other carers.
I'm doing a research on challenges family caregivers face when caring for their relatives and I though you might have some interesting insights to share on this. Please feel free to contact me on if you would like to get in touch.
Best wishes,

Maz said...

Hi Brenda, thanks for stopping by, feel free to pick up some info from the blog.
Maz x