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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Oh Fudge!

Hi guys, in my quest to keep myself busy while stuck at home caring, I came across this...

The fact that it's chocolatey, looks really good and seemed easy enough to make, was all the incentive I needed! lol

So, a happy hour was spent today fudge making...Yeah!
For those who want to bring a bit of fudge into their life, here's the link...

***Chocolate Fudge for Christmas***

One other thing, be warned!
It's very chocolatey and it's quite hard to resist too so it's not for the faint hearted! lol

Incidently, if like me you're thinking ahead to Christmas and like most Carers also trying to keep a bit of a hold on the pennies, there are loads of other cool ideas on Santas postbag

Happy hunting and have some fun making something, entertaining the wee ones or even yourself for that matter! LOL

maz x


mangocheeks said...

Hello there Maz,
Thank you for introducing me to yourself and your blog. Its nice to meet another blogger in the West of Scotland.

I've enver made fudge and your chocolate fudge looks really good. I'll keep it in mind.

I had a good nosy around your blog. Thank you for sharing more about your expereinces as a carer, which I am sure is not easy, but it is rewarding personally. I personally found having a blog rather cathartic, for me its a good way to switch off from work!

I have a freidn who also makes jam in her breadmaker, I have to admit I have not tried it. Iususally make it in a pot and quite recently in my slow cooker. May one-day give it a go in the breadmaker too.

Kindest of wishes

maz said...

Hi and thanks for stopping by!
Jam is easy in the breadmaker, although it tends to be a bit runnier than usual but still very nice! LOL

maz x