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Sunday, 16 September 2018

Still caring, challenging and carrying on...

Hi guys, it's been months since I blogged!
I guess I kinda fell off the radar a bit when my mum died, I kept going throught the motions caring for Coo and picking up the support for my dad too and I guess, something had to give!
I don't think I really dealt with my grief, well how do you, where do you even begin? especially whist caring for someone else already and taking on even more caring responsiblities!
Carer Health
I suppose it's just taken some time to regroup but I'm doing ok!
My own health took a bit of a tumble with everything that's happened.

My Rheumatiod issues have continued and I'm swallowing pills daily (more than Coo - which I never even thought possible!) and jabbing a Metoject pen every week - but I think I'm coming back up at last!

Self Directed Support
Our SDS has enabled me to have much needed support, timeout to grieve and just enable me to find my way again and keep going and for that I'm eternally thankful. I wish it were so for all carers but sadly, it still seems a bit of a post code lottery where SDS is concerned but I'm still hopeful this will change moving forwards!

Carer Challenges 
Even during this difficult time, I've needed to stay involved with Carers Scotland and my local Health & Social Care Partnership I like to make sure #carers voices are heard and wherever possible I do! lol

I'm so heartened Scotland's shiney new Social Security is shaping up to be a more caring agency than the one we have prevously endured with DWP (Department of Work and Pensions).

I have never agreed the best way forward was Austerity, sigma and fear and with a strap line of Dignity, Fairness and Respect, this has to be a major improvement and that being said, I've been interviewed for The National newspaper, on the new Carers Allowance Supplement coming to those carers in Scotland who currently receiving Carers Allowance. Whilst this is a huge step in the right direction, there remains so much to still be done - Carers work...and they work really hard, with very little support with the main 3 H's...Help - Health - Holidays!
Let's start making them a priority for all our Carers!

Keep strong as will I
Maz x

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Caring magazine and us...

Hi guys just incase you missed it last time around...
I thought I'd share our big interview!
We were asked by Caring Magazine  - well I was, Coo just came along for the ride! lol
 Caring Magazine issue 46

It was originally going to be a wee piece about North Ayrshire's brilliant 'Carers Appreciation card'  and it is but it kinda took arms and legs and ended up covering a whole lot more and a few pages long...we're on pages 4 - 7 and with some happy pics included too!

SDS (Self directed support) has made such a difference for us, it helped open doors that were previously tightly closed. Time for respite both together and some time apart, time out for training and even time just to sleep and turn off from caring for just a little while, knowing things will be ok.

Help for carers is out there!
It's just knowing where to find and ultimately access it that's the tricky bit and by pushing and sharing information, we can all try and get a better deal for carers!
Keep strong friends as will I!
Maz x

Friday, 23 March 2018

Back #stronger #sad still #caring...

Hi guys it's been so long since I blogged I almost gave up!
It's been such a difficult few months.
I got sick, my Rheumatoid Arthritis spiralled and I picked up yet another diagnosis (Fibromyalgia) to add to the mix. Coo got sick  - viral which increased his seizure level and he went back on that AED (anti epilepsy drug) see-saw again. you know the one, too much drug in the system major seizure activity and too little? Ditto!
Worst of all, my lovely 'fit as a flea' mum got sick and there's no easy way of sharing sad mum died just after Christmas. My rock. The one who helped me through when I struggled and things were so desperately difficult, was gone and in a heartbeat things changed forever.
We supported one another, my dad, sisters, Coo and I but it's all been so very difficult.
How do you begin to recover from such a gut wrenching blow? Honestly? I still don't really know. The practical side of me took over and the things that needed done, were done but all the feelings and hurt were jammed in a box, tied up tight with a big bow and locked away for another day and I'm unsure if I will ever open that box an look inside!
Being a carer is like that, well it is for me, no matter how you feel or what is happening in life, the business of caring continues, it must and so it does...regardless! I think that's how you cope with all those issues that caring brings or who knows, maybe it's self preservation #carer style! I doubt it's particularly healthy but it gets us by in the mean times!
 Carers support
I still managed to support #carers and bless them, all my wee Three Towns Carer friends came to support me through mum's funeral - I felt truly blessed! Caring for dad, mum was a three towner too and with some bereaved themselves, it couldn't have been easy.
I think that's the benefit and real value of community groups like ours, that peer support and love shared when people really need to know they're not alone!
I'm sharing this pic as my dad always thought it was hilarious I took mum demo-ing in her seventies but she was game for anything really and the state of what is...just us makes me smile...I can still hear her shouting 'axe the tax' mega lols

When we work together, we truly are #buildingcaringcommunities
Maz x