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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Old year...

Hi Guys, new year is almost upon us!
Where has the year went? - It's time for a think...

You know, I used to get a bit stressed at the thought of a new year coming.
I used to worry about the things I said I'd do throughout the year and just didn't get around to, you know the kind of thing...lose a few pounds in weight, hold onto a few of the other kind of pounds and save for a rainy day...that kinda thing! lol

One thing being a Carer has taught me is to slow down a bit and just take a breath! The world still turns just the same while you catch your bearings a bit. Mainly it's taught me just to count my blessings a little and be thankful for making it through the last year safely in the first place! LOL

I guess, most people take that kind a thing for granted...good health, I mean!
While you are well and busy hustling and bustling about your life at such a great pace, you never need to give a second thought to such things. You can plan well into the future for work, holidays or pretty much anything you fancy and it's only when something happens to you or your loved ones that you really need to stop and think at all!

I think that's probably what I miss most. All the planning and looking forward to things, the certainty and order of it all. It sure was a lot easier when finance was the only issue to getting things done and we could both climb a mountain if we wanted to!
On the other hand, this slower pace of life has it's upside too! We have both learned how to adapt and find a way - there always is one - it's just finding it that's the tricky part! LOL

2010 hasn't been a bad year, well, not really!

We've had major trials and problems with doctors and meds and there's been lots of stress over that but other things have buoyed us up too!

** Coo's no worse and not nearly as bad as the dreadful 30 siezures a day all through 2007 - 8! Things are not brilliant by any means but they're a wee bit better than they were and that's a bonus in itself!

** With help, we made it all the way down to Getna and right through Looby & Stevens wedding! and what a brilliant day that was!

** I re-discovered lots of fun with crafts and hobbies from jam and fudge making to weaving and jewellery! Woo Hoo

** The garden was a bit of a refuge at times too - from peas and potatoes, to salad veg. and fruits - I had a ball, planting, growing, jamming and storing loads of goodies! it's goodbye 2010! I'm feeling happy and optomistic about the new year ahead.

I hope you're feeling happy too and...
'a' the best when it comes - Slainte Mhath!

Maz x


Sheilagh said...

Happy New Year Maz, to you and yours. Tha was a lovely thought provoking post. Thank you. Happy Hogmany

maz said...

Happy new year to you too!
Maz x