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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A winter wonderland wedding?

Hi Guys!

A winter wonderland? sure was!LOL

Everything went beautifully. The trip down from the coast to Gretna was lovely. There was crisp snow underfoot and sunshine overhead so I guess we had a break in the weather and God was smiling on us!

Here's our lovely Looby and her brand new handsome husband!

Another one at the famous...kissing gate!

Awwwwww they are a sweet wee couple!

Coo's new meds are beginning to help a little, thank God!
They seem to be giving him some energy and helping to keep him awake so that's a big improvement already! He managed to last all day on the journey and still dance his daughter at her wedding too!
Now that is a stunner!...usually he'd have been dead on his feet by then! LOL

I'm so glad, Coo was well and things went so smoothly, it was a really happy, smiley, family day!

It sure was a 'winter wonderland wedding' and we all had a perfect day!

maz x

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Kim said...

Your Daughter looked Gorgeous!!!