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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Carers Conference 2011

Hi Guys, it's been a bit of a busy week this time around!

On Wednesday I left the coast and travelled up to Glasgow for the annual Carers Conference.
It's always a good chance to meet other Carers and hear just what's happening to services in their areas and it seems cuts to day-care service in particular is being hit really hard here in Scotland.
***Now, that is a big worry!
Every Carer I know, desperately needs the precious few hours respite just to help them keep going!

In our caring situation, we don't use day-care services at all so I was not really aware how under threat this service is but I'm going to find out!

Carers Scotland...

I was elected last month so...for the very first time, I'm a fully fledged member of the Carers Scotland Committee! There's a lot of experience and also a lot of enthusiasm and passion within the group so I'm hoping we can successfully channel it all and help Carers get a better deal and make sure their voices are heard! We so deserve it don't we!

Wish me luck!
Maz x

Monday, 24 October 2011

Growing some smiles...

Hi Guys, I saw this and really liked the sentiment so I thought I'd share!

Wouldn't it be nice if, as well as growing veggies, we could grow some sunny smiles too? It's a real nice idea isn't it! I know I'd sure buy some, especially for those grey winter days when it's sometimes hard to stay positive, a bunch of ready made smiles would be just dandy then! lol

Incidently, it's still raining here!
That's rain every day of October so far!

Just like this wee lady here, I'm guessing, I'm gonna have a lot of use for my unbrella too!

Happy thoughts even if it is still raining!

Maz x

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Coughs & sneezes...

Hi Guys, how does the old saying go?
Coughs and sneezes spread diseases...well, they certainly do!

Coo's cold must have still been kicking around his system 'cause it's back! He's been snuffly and sleepy, pretty much all day.
I guess I'll be cancelling his blood appointment for tomorrow as with this cold, his white cells and drug levels will be all over the place anyway so there's no point in getting them done again until he's feeling better!

The weather here has been dire over the last few weeks, rain, rain and yet've guessed it rain!
It's definately wellie wearing weather here! LOL
Now, living on the west coast, you'd think we'd be used to it by now, and we are...kinda! but no, even for here it's been like a monsoon recently!

I got soaked through, running down the garden to my wee green-house for some veggies earlier. Serves me right though, I thought I'd just dash out quick and didn't bother with a jacket or wellies!
Well...lesson learned or I'll end up sniffling myself if I'm not careful!

Let's hope this rain doesn't last too much longer, some nice sunny weather, even just a bit of a dry spell would be nice don't you think? lol

I hope you've got some sunshine where you are and more importantly, at the very least some sunny thoughts to cheer you! Keep cozy (and dry!).
Maz x

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Peace Reigns...

Hi Guys, peace has been restored and that wee cuppa definately helped me keep strong this week! LOL
Coo's mood swings are now over and thank God for that! I was beginning to lose my patience but it held out and now, things are pretty much back to normal - Yeah!

I was so busy last week and I guess I didn't see the warning signs! You know, at times, I sometimes forget how poorly Coo is and I suppose, it's probably the same with lot's of hidden disabilities. Well, the person looks ok, you're busy and struggling yourself and you just forget to make the necessary allowances...until it's too late!
One thing's for sure, it's not long before you're brought back to earth with a bump and need to cope with a whole lot of other issues and quickly too!

No wonder I say the life of a Carer is never boring!

I guess you just do the best you can and learn how to roll with the punches! lol

At least it's all quiet now so...Happy Days! LOL

I hope it's happy where you are too!
Maz x

Monday, 10 October 2011

Hard hat time again...

Hi guys, It's hard hat and flak jacket time here yet again and just a touch difficult!
We've got the usual seizure activity but for some reason major mood swings have reared their ugly head and it's been pretty much awful today.

I'm not sure what's caused it but at this point, it's not really the main issue, keeping a lid on things is though and it 'aint easy!

Sometimes, I'm not sure what's the most challenging, all the seizure activity or the moods and hassles that come along with them!

just now...well, I'm having a wee cuppa and...
...trying to hold onto what's left of my patience!

Please God, let things start to improve soon!

I hope it's peaceful where you are!
Maz x

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Carers Scotland...

Hi Guys, I've been elected!
It's to the Scotland board of Carers Scotland!

I've been at a few of their conferences and as you know, I've been campaigning for Carers rights for a while now too so I'm looking forward to this new challenge!

I just found out so I'll post more details when I have them!


Saturday, 1 October 2011


Hi Guys, it was my birthday yesterday so another year older!

I don't really feel so very much differently and all things considered, I'm doing pretty ok well, in my book anyway! LOL I didn't go out for lunch (the usual birthday treat) as I was already working at a conference so I guess that's something still to come! woo hoo!

Good news though, Coo's anti-biotics have now kicked in, he's doing much better and Looby's been here this week to lend a hand too so...job's a good 'un! LOL
I'm glad things are settling a little bit for Coo as I'm concious the weather has really cooled here and flu-time is almost upon us again. Now 'aint that a wee cheery thought! lol I really must sort out the flu jabs soon!

It's no joke though!
While the news and weather for southern parts is dry and record-breaking sunshine, here...

It's been blowing a hooley and we've had monsoon-like rain today!
For a small country our weather sure isn't consistent! While the south sun-bathe it's definately wellie wearing weather here!

Never mind, it's always warm, dry and cosy indoors! LOL
I hope you're keeping dry and cosy too,
Maz x